Classical Pianist-Turned-Entrepreneur Carmen Morin Inspires the Next Generation of Creatives to Embrace Versatility

If a visionary is someone who has a clear idea of how the future should look, it still takes bold action to make it happen. Classical pianist Carmen Morin can be found on her online platforms sharing her piano performances and teaching tips. While you may first be mesmerized by her performances, what you may not realize is that behind the scenes this concert pianist is an award winning entrepreneur and the sole owner and visionary of a rapidly growing, multiple 7-figure music education enterprise.

Labelled a child prodigy, Carmen first made her debut as soloist with orchestra at the age of 10. Her early years included recognition at the international level, including a performance tour on behalf of the Canadian Embassy to showcase national talent. She continues to perform alongside her teaching career, most recently in performance in piano duo with orchestra in Europe. 

For Carmen Morin, having spent her early years excelling in piano she was surprised that when she chose to pursue music as a career she was advised that it would only lead to a lack of stability. “It was so surprising and disappointing that even with so much potential, I was still met with this perpetuating ‘starving artist’ mentality by career advisors”. Morin, like so many others, was advised to keep music as a “side hobby” and pursue something more “practical” as a career.

Morin chose to follow her instincts and has been enjoying proving this disempowering mentality wrong. After teaching at her City’s University, the Calgary native branched off to build her own 7-figure music education facility in her hometown, then branched into online programming which also crossed the 7-figure mark in its first 18 months as well. 

With no signs of slowing down, this is only the beginning for Carmen Morin. An award-winning entrepreneur, she advocates firsthand that the mental training and discipline that musicians undergo and the dynamic and creative thinking that artists possess is exactly the type of mind that has propelled her forward as a businesswoman.

Carmen leads an accolades-laden career as a musician, entrepreneur, and business coach, with several awards and recognition sitting on her mantelpiece including several local business awards, and being among the first class of North American recipients in the prestigious Steinway and Sons Teacher Hall of Fame in New York City in 2019.

Despite encountering success early in her career, Carmen hasn’t lost track of who she is or what she stands for. Daily, she strives to empower people to pursue their unique contributions and what they are passionate about. She advocates that we all benefit when we each contribute what we believe in most, and that pursuing what you love drives the entrepreneurial journey. 

In her business coaching program Passion to Profit, she teaches entrepreneurs how to create their ideal creative life. She coaches service-based business owners how to focus their energy in their zone of genius to make the most impact. Sharing her signature framework that she has implemented in her own business to double the profit margins of their business using a hybrid model with a signature online course – without adding hours to their workweek.

Be a part of Carmen Morin’s piano lessons and business coaching by visiting her website and following her on Instagram.

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