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Crafting Exceptional College Essays: Tips and the Best UK Essay Writing Service

When it comes to writing your college essays, the key is not to limit yourself to just one essay; aim to create a collection, perhaps even ten different pieces. Each essay should provide a unique perspective on your life and experiences. Share your story, be it about a beloved pet you lost due to financial constraints or the bundle of World War Two letters stored in your grandmother’s attic. Maybe recount the time your algebra teacher sent you to the principal’s office for wearing the same shirt as your friend, resulting in a unique twist due to your distinct identity.

Once you’ve poured your thoughts onto paper, put them in a folder, and set them aside for about a week. After this short break, return to your collection and read them all in one go.

What will emerge during this process are common themes weaving their way through your tales. These themes will reflect your essence, your aspirations, and your beliefs. Embrace these themes, especially the ones that resonate with the core of your being. Remember, your essay isn’t merely a list of accomplishments; it’s a reflection of who you are.

Upon reaching this point, you’ll be well-equipped to craft an essay without requiring specific prompts. For inspiration, consider reading profile pieces in publications like The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, or Rolling Stone. Despite their diverse subjects and events – political campaigns, luxury jewelry sales, and daring escapes – they all leave the reader with a distinctive impression of the featured individual. This is the effect you should aim for in your essay – showing rather than merely telling.

Above all else, prioritize authenticity. Believe in yourself and trust that you possess a unique story that the world deserves to hear.

As you embark on your essay-writing journey, here are some prompts to kickstart your creative process. Use these as a starting point, but remember, they’re merely that – a starting point:

  1. Reflect on an unjust situation you’ve faced and how you handled it.
  2. Describe the first time you realized your parents had their shortcomings and how it impacted you.
  3. Write about something that holds profound significance for you, even if others fail to see its importance.
  4. How do you feel when your teachers express their political opinions in class?
  5. Identify the most meaningful relationship in your life and explain why it holds such significance.
  6. Share a story about something you did that had a positive impact on someone else’s life.
  7. What does your school excel at, and in which areas could it improve?
  8. Who is your favorite author, and what about their work captivates you?
  9. Celebrate your proudest achievement and the journey that led you to it.
  10. If you couldn’t attend college, what alternative path would you choose?


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When it comes to college essay writing services in the UK, Projectsdeal stands out as a top choice for students seeking quality and reliability.


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