Craziest Presents Celebs Have Given Each Other Revealed

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Celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyles and over-the-top gestures, and when it comes to giving presents, they spare no expense. From luxurious cars to homes and statues that would make your mom blush, the presents celebrities have given each other have often left the world stunned.

The wizards behind Birthday App, the AI-powered mobile app that turns you into a birthday superhero, have taken a look at these extravagant displays of affection and built this top three list of craziest presents celebs have given eachother.

One Woman’s Puke is Another Man’s Treasure

Lady Gaga, on her way to make her highly anticipated and much-awaited acting debut on the critically acclaimed American Horror Story, was overwhelmed with a mix of excitement and anxiety. The nerves got the best of her, and she couldn’t contain her uneasiness, resulting in an unexpected bout of nausea. To her surprise, she quickly grabbed a nearby Ziploc bag, trying to salvage the situation and prevent any further embarrassment. Despite the less than ideal circumstances, Gaga, in her determination to make a lasting impression, decided to keep the bag as a memento of the momentous occasion.

Later, when Gaga had settled her nerves and regained her composure, she realized the significance of the incident. She saw it as a symbol of her dedication and passion for her craft. In a bold and unconventional move, she decided to present the bag to Ryan Murphy, producer of the FX horror series.

Gaga recalled Murphy’s reaction: “He was like, ‘Oh, you think you can disgust me? You can’t.”

The Rock-Hard Gift

During an October 2022 television interview, Sam Smith revealed an unexpected gift from fellow singer Ed Sheeran. To Smith’s surprise, Sheeran presented him with a rather unconventional statue: a marble penis statue. Smith initially thought it was a joke, but soon realized that it was indeed a real and extravagant gift. He expressed his disbelief, stating, “It’s actually wild. I thought it was a joke but it’s a six-foot-two marble penis. It’s two tons, and I’m going to have to get it craned out of my house.”

This is the kind of gift that is not only a great story now, but leaves us wondering what happens next for the marble masterpiece.

Eminem’s Diamond-Encrusted Gift to Elton John’s Sex Life

In celebration of Elton John’s wedding, the famous actor from the movie 8 Mile presented the newly-married couple with two cockrings adorned with diamonds. Elton expressed his admiration for the gift, stating that they are displayed like precious jewels in a beautiful box with satin cushions. He finds great pleasure in simply admiring them.

During an interview with The Guardian in 2019, the talented pianist mentioned that he hopes the cockrings have ever been used by any guests. He expressed his hope that they remain untouched and revered as sacred items.

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