David Dean Bottrell’s Unforgettable Residency: A Double Bill of Humor and Heart at Pangea NYC

David Dean Bottrell
Photo of David Dean Bottrell by Stephen Mosher

David Dean Bottrell, a versatile actor and accomplished storyteller, is set to grace the stage once more with not one but two enthralling one-man shows at the intimate and unique venue of Pangea in New York City. Bottrell’s upcoming residency through December 18, 2023, promises to be a delightful blend of uproarious humor and poignant tales, ensuring an unforgettable evening for the audience.

David Dean Bottrell’s extensive TV credits read like a who’s who of the industry, including appearances in notable shows like the 2023 reboot of “Frasier,” “Modern Family,” “Law & Order SVU,” “Blacklist,” “NCIS,” “Criminal Minds,” “Mad Men,” “Justified,” “True Blood,” “Castle,” “Bones,” “Ugly Betty,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “Boston Legal.” His first solo show, “David Dean Bottrell Makes Love,” garnered a nomination for Best Spoken Word Show at the 2022 Broadway World Awards and clinched the title of Best Solo Performance at the Los Angeles Stage Scene Awards. Furthermore, Bottrell has graced sketch comedy and storytelling stages on both coasts, performing at venues such as Joe’s Pub, Dixon Place, Comedy Central Stage, and Acme Comedy Theatre. He even added screenwriting to his impressive repertoire, crafting the screenplay for Searchlight Pictures’ hit comedy “Kingdom Come.”

However, the spotlight is now on his eagerly anticipated 12-show residency at Pangea, and Bottrell couldn’t be happier about the opportunity. In his own words, “The first reason was the SAG-AFTRA strike. I knew I would not be booking any TV work, so I’d certainly have the time. The second reason was that last year, I had an 8-week residency at the Triad, and it was Heaven. Having the chance to get up and tell these funny (and not-so-funny) stories once a week over a long period of time is so much fun for me. I’m always tweaking things, so the stories are always evolving. Plus, there is nothing better than a live audience! Hearing that laughter is just the most unbelievable feeling.”

Bottrell’s residency at Pangea features two brand-new solo shows, each offering a unique perspective and a glimpse into the depths of his storytelling prowess. “Dear Mr. Bottrell, I Cannot Possibly Accept This” takes its title from an actual letter he received earlier in the year and explores the moments in life when one realizes they’ve had enough, that they’re unequivocally done with something forever. On the other hand, “The Death of Me Yet” delves into an extraordinary medical odyssey Bottrell endured a couple of years ago, prompting profound reflections on mortality. While these themes may not initially sound hilarious, Bottrell’s storytelling magic infuses them with humor and authenticity that will leave audiences in stitches.

The concepts for these shows, Bottrell reveals, were influenced by the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Although neither show is about the pandemic, I honestly think they both came into being because of it. We were all trapped in some form of isolation and were constantly being warned about how much danger we were in and to stay away from each other. It gave me a lot of time to think about how I want to spend my time from now on. I kind of think all of my shows are about the search for honesty, even when it’s embarrassing or reveals me to be the unprepared clod that I am.”

Bottrell’s journey as a storyteller complements his work as an actor and writer. He emphasizes the importance of capturing the humor and truth of a moment in time, a skill honed during his time as a screenwriter. This storytelling experience has made him more present in his acting, enhancing his abilities as a performer.

Reflecting on past solo performances, Bottrell acknowledges the unique challenges of commanding the stage solo. “Because you’re out there all by yourself, if it’s not working, there’s no one but yourself to blame. I’ve stumbled, I’ve literally knocked over the furniture, I’ve had ‘Mitch McConnell’ moments, and somehow, I recovered from them all. I think because these shows aren’t plays and everything I’m saying really happened to me, the only answer to any problem I have out there is to own it and keep going. I know I’m a lot braver than I used to be.”

Pangea, known for its intimate and welcoming performance spaces, enhances the storytelling experience for both the artist and the audience. Bottrell expresses his love for the venue, where the cozy room accommodates around 55 people, fostering a warm and personal atmosphere. 

The excellent food adds to the overall sense of care and comfort. The small stage eliminates the need for theatrical acrobatics to capture the audience’s attention, allowing for an intimate connection between performer and audience.

Bottrell’s message to the audience is one of hope and resilience. He wants people to know that despite life’s oddities and challenges, we can not only survive but also teach ourselves to be happy. His shows, while infused with humor, explore the search for authenticity and the moments in life when we find ourselves at a crossroads.

The most rewarding aspect of his storytelling journey, according to Bottrell, is the connection with the audience. Unlike his previous experiences, where audience interactions typically ended with compliments and autograph requests, his solo shows have sparked meaningful conversations. People have shared their own profound and hilarious life experiences, leaving him deeply honored.

As the entertainment industry grapples with the SAG-AFTRA strike, Bottrell recognizes its historical significance and stands firmly in support of the labor action. He believes that the industry must prioritize the well-being and stability of its workers to ensure its continued success.

Bottrell’s upcoming residency at Pangea promises to be a remarkable showcase of storytelling and performance art. With two new solo shows that explore the humorous and heartfelt aspects of life, Bottrell invites audiences to join him on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and laughter. In the intimate setting of Pangea, this residency is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Upcoming shows:

“Dear Mr. Bottrell, I Cannot Possibly Accept This.”

SEPT 25, OCT 2 , OCT 9, OCT 23 & NOV 6

 “David Dean Bottrell: The Death of Me Yet”

OCT 16, OCT 30, NOV 13, NOV 27, DEC 4 & DEC 18

Tickets can be purchased at PangeaNYC.com.

For more information about David Dean Bottrell, please visit DavidDeanBottrell.com


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