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Eli Sandhaus- A Neurodivergent, Orthodox Jewish, Actor, Author, Podcaster and Founder of The Public Diary- says, ‘IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT

Unfortunately, mental health is often stigmatized and not given the attention it deserves. Many people feel ashamed or embarrassed to seek help for mental health issues, but this shouldn’t be the case. Mental health problems are common and can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, or background. It is not to be shied away from, and the first step to dealing with it is to identify and accept that it exists, just like Eli Sandhaus.

Eli Sandhaus is a 23-year-old Orthodox Jewish actor, author, podcaster, and founder of The Public Diary. He has been using his experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and depression to educate others and help destigmatize mental health.

Eli has accomplished many impressive feats in his young career, including: Speaking at “Stomp Out The Stigma”, starring in the upcoming feature film “The Raven of Baltimore City“, publishing his book “I Am You“, founding “The Public Diary” initiative, serving as Storyteller at Studio 3, developing “Topics in Technicolor: A VR Conversational Podcast,” exploring his relationship with Orthodox Judaism, caring for a kid with familial dysautonomia in summer camp, and hiking across the entire country of Israel.

One of Eli’s most significant challenges has been his OCD, but instead of letting it control him or weigh him down, he has learned to harness it to his advantage. He sees OCD as his superpower but acknowledges that it can also be his Kryptonite. He has learned to channel his OCD into a deep sense of curiosity. He has even found that his preoccupation with planning conversations has made him skilled in interviews. He can pursue a story till the very end, deep-dive into subjects and discussions mentally and find resources that can be helpful.

Eli courageously recounted his personal experience of living with OCD to hundreds of people, describing the impactful opportunity both as cathartic and liberating. The Public Diary is a collaborative grassroots publication on a mission to replicate the same opportunity for individuals to share their experiences. The physical diary grants people to read previous contributors, share their story, and then pass the diary on to a stranger. The diary and its contributors can be followed on social media, creating a communal safe space for people on mental health journeys of their own. 

Eli wants others to know that it is not their fault if they struggle with mental health issues, but it is their responsibility to care for themselves. He strongly advocates for self-care and encourages others to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being.

Eli has big dreams for his future, including becoming an established artist in the acting, writing, and podcasting spaces and growing The Public Diary initiative. (In addition, he dreams of someday appearing in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Universe.)

Eli’s message is simple: “It’s not your fault.” He wants to help others understand that they are not alone in their struggles and that they have the power to overcome their challenges. With his boundless talent and unwavering spirit, Eli is destined to make a lasting and solid impact in art and mental health advocacy.

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