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Embracing the Grain: A Glimpse into the World of Laura Brunisholz

In the vast landscape of contemporary photography, where high resolution and sharp images dominate the scene, the grainy aesthetic has emerged as a standout style. This look, reminiscent of the Y2K era, evokes a sense of nostalgia and transports us back to the early days of the internet. Leading the charge in this trend is New York-based photographer and music video director, Laura Brunisholz.

Laura Brunisholz is not just capturing moments; she’s weaving memories with her distinct vintage flair. “It’s not a fetish of the aesthetic, it’s not post-internet but it’s taking visual cues from that,” Laura explains, emphasizing the underlying appeal of this grainy resurgence. This style is an ode to simpler times, and Brunisholz’s affinity for the rudimentary has her working in a refreshingly DIY manner. From flip phone cameras to old DV cams, her tools are versatile, often determined by the musicians she’s capturing.

This simplicity has its advantages, as Laura notes, “These cameras make everything so simple, and simple cameras are not intimidating, it makes it playful and friendly.” And while many photographers strive for crispness in their shots, Brunisholz relishes the rough cuts, cherishing the authenticity and rawness that grain provides.

Laura Brunisholz

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Born in Paris in 1996, Laura’s journey into the world of photography began after she relocated to Brussels for her education at the experimental and interdisciplinary art school ERG (école de recherche graphique). It was here that she built strong connections within an international community of creatives and honed her unique style. Despite her European upbringing, Laura’s work is deeply influenced by Americana and Y2K culture.

Known for intimate portraits of musicians, particularly those within the experimental music scene, Laura seamlessly merges the aesthetic of social media snapshots with high art. Her work includes shots of eminent musicians such as Manuka Honey, Dasychira, and Rogergoon, and she has directed music videos for the likes of Dviance and the Latin Grammy Award-winning artist, La Favi.

Her career journey has seen her associate with renowned platforms. She once worked for radio stations like Kiosk in Brussels and is now associated with The Lot in New York City, a unique online radio station housed in a shipping container in Brooklyn. The Lot has hosted an array of acclaimed DJ stars and offers a cozy public space for enthusiasts.

Brunisholz’s upcoming ventures include directing a music video for Latin Grammy Award-winning musician La Favi and DJ Danger Dav. Given her track record, it’s bound to be an intriguing blend of nostalgia and innovation.

For those keen on immersing themselves in the world of Laura Brunisholz, her portfolio is available on her website and her Instagram profile. And for a live experience of the music she’s so deeply connected with, The Lot Radio in Brooklyn promises an ambient setting to unwind and revel in the tunes.

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