Entertainment Billionaire Steven Kronick Wins 14th #1 Malibu Singer Songwriter Title

Girls around the world love the new sound that won its 14th #1 Malibu Singer Songwriter Title from the world’s biggest music charts, that manage almost 4 million musicians. What started as a private love song following with Miss America contestants, Playboy playmates, Grammy award winners, and professional cheerleaders, has become a public love affair with Steven Kronick’s All American style, that is now reserved only for female fans.

Featured at Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV, Steven Kronick’s newest song titled God Is Love is being referred to as The World’s Best Love Song.

Steven Kronick premiered on the charts right above Nicki Minaj, winning Gold & Platinum Awards almost in an instant, became called a Nation’s Most Promising Artist, and a Trending Singer Songwriter.

“The music is all for God, it’s all for girls, it’s all for love,” Steven Kronick shares from his 8th Penthouse, on the lavish oceanfront Palm Beach Island.

The new single preview God is Love with its music video shows Steven’s true story touring the United States in love with his girlfriends.

Steven recorded almost 200 songs from Malibu Beach, Palm Beach Island, Las Vegas, Texas. All the songs are straight for love, almost all the songs are live freestyles. Some are available for preview, almost all are kept private for now.

“I believe in God with all my heart, I am a Christian man that loves God,” Steven Kronick mentions.

Steven Kronick worked with multi platinum friends that have sold 100 million albums, brought almost 7 billion views, a team that won Grammy’s and Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and managed worldwide tours for the biggest musicians in the world.

At one point he shared his Hollywood penthouse with four live in girlfriends, at another point he shared a multi mansion estate with Kelly Van Gogh, at another point in his life, he went to school with Valerie Presley, which is when he was inspired to record his first song from his Malibu Beach penthouse.

“I am always thankful any time that God brings love into my life, that is what I live for, that and to make history,” Steven Kronick answers in an interview.

From the time that he was 4 years old Steven remembers being in love, writing love notes to girls in elementary school. In high school Steven Kronick spent his days writing love poetry for the girls that he adored, so much that he won international awards for poetry while he was a teenager.

Easy to love, he was an entrepreneur with his mind set on billions, Steven Kronick started his first incorporated company at age 17, got his first signature from multi billionaire United States President Donald J. Trump, and at 18 became an invited business branding strategy speaker at the best Chambers of Commerce in the wealthy Georgetown capital area, where he was on the Marketing Boards at multiple states, then was elected to Governor at the prestigious City Club, was invited into the Metropolitan Who’s Who at age 21, then almost instantly sold his firm and moved to his first oceanfront penthouse in Venice Beach.

Steven remembers staying up to 4 to prepare brands for visionary businesses, then having to give speeches at 7am to major business events filled with visionary entrepreneurs, “I was a teenager driving 120 miles a day from state to state, meeting to meeting, singing Frank Sinatra in my first automobile, hiring university students for interns. The biggest best real estate agencies in the area would invite me to train all their realtors, I became the youngest member at the invite only City Club, the best private country club in the United States capital, while I would drive to Manhattan almost every weekend to be with my girlfriend. So I made sure to spend every summer at the beach.”

In 2007 Steven Kronick started VisualTargeting® from a Malibu mansion, won billion dollar valuations and a Forbes feature. In 2018 multi billionaire Steven Kronick won a Worldwide Humanitarian Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and the world’s first Honorable Trillionaire Title, from the most trusted 124 year old history group in the United States.



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