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Evan Sternbach
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Discovering one’s passion is a journey of self-exploration and personal growth. It’s a journey that takes you through twists and turns, highs and lows, and a whole lot of fun.

Evan Sternbach‘s journey with the guitar started on a magical Christmas Day back in 2016. At just fifteen years old, he was already enthralled by his older cousins’ musical performances and was eager to start learning his favorite songs. But, little did he know, he had been playing the guitar since he was five years old. After a decade of dedicating himself to baseball, Evan found his true passion and purpose in music.

As he grew older, Evan began to channel his emotions and experiences into his music. From the ups and downs of love and heartbreak to the challenges of life, he found solace in songwriting. He immersed himself in the music industry, diving deep into the works of J. Cole, Ed Sheeran, and Rick Rubin, and practiced his vocals every chance he got. And even with the chaos of college life just outside his door, Evan never lost sight of his goal – to create timeless music that will stay with people forever.

And so, in the latter half of 2022, Evan reintroduced himself to the world as a pop singer-songwriter with the release of his three tracks – “Halfway,” “LesserDegree,” and “I Figured It Out.” Each song offers a unique taste of Evan’s musical talent and showcases his genuine and meaningful lyrics. He wants to create art that people can grow with and make memories with, just as he did with his favorite artists.

Evan’s mission is clear – to touch people’s lives through his music and share his journey with the world. And if you ask him about the first time he touched a guitar, he’ll tell you it was the beginning of a beautiful journey.

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