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The Power of Impact: How Five 26 Threads is Making a Difference in the Fashion Industry

Five 26 Threads is a brand that is all about empowering individuals to stand within their authentic power. Founded by CEO and Creative Director Dean Lewis in 2016, the brand has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality threads and bold designs.

The story of Five 26 Threads began with just a dad cap and a logo while Dean was protesting in Oakland, Los Angeles, DC, and Richmond, VA. During these protests, the word “power” stood out and stuck with him, especially after so many life-changing events.

Dean had always dreamed of creating something unique and meaningful in the fashion industry. His vision for Five 26 Threads was to shine a spotlight on individuals who were truly living out their purpose and to use the platform to promote individuals, establishments, or products that align with his brand’s values. Understanding the power of influence and wanting to use it to encourage those who shared his passion for art and creativity, Dean created a space where people could feel inspired and connected to others who were also on a journey of self-discovery and growth. “Our team has been highly emboldened in our art, voice, and actions. We hope to uplift you to use your authority the Creator has given you to do the same,” Dean shared.

Last year, Dean Lewis discovered his true calling in the world of fashion and entertainment. He was mentored by some of the industry’s most renowned figures, Zoe Dupree and Lil Keed, who pushed him to explore his creative boundaries and hone his skills. But for him, more than just earning a salary in a traditional office job was gaining a deeper understanding of the luxury retail industry and the ins and outs of corporate management. Through this experience, Dean regained his ability to communicate effectively and developed greater patience – valuable lessons that will serve him well throughout his career as he works with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Usher Raymond, Sigourney Weaver, Benny Boom, and Judge Judy with the guidance of God. These experiences have provided Dean with professional skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. As Dean said: “I’m not here for competition, just inspirational purposes.” 

Dean encourages anyone reading this article to never give up on their dreams or give in to peer pressure. He encourages people to release the vision they’ve been sitting on for years and to make their physical and mental health a priority. “The brand Five 26 Threads identifies with those who are thriving in their field, creatively driven and optimistic. Having confidence, faith and spreading love were a few major qualities I’ve sharpened in a position of leadership. Please never give up. I don’t know how to stress that to you,” he said.

For Dean, Five 26 Threads was more than just a fashion brand; it was a way to connect with like-minded individuals and promote a sense of community and belonging. In short, Dean’s envisioned Five 26 Threads to be not only stylish and on-trend but also meaningful and impactful. To date, he uses his platform to give a voice to those who were often overlooked and to showcase the talents of his peers, believing that by highlighting the stories of individuals who were following their dreams and pursuing their passions, he could inspire others to do the same.


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