From Injury to Victory: How Hyperarch Fascia Training Transformed Pione Sisto’s Career and Put Him Back on the Path to Greatness

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Pione Sisto is a Danish-born professional footballer who has played in several high-profile leagues across Europe. He first gained attention playing for FC Midtjylland in Denmark, where he helped lead the team to their first-ever Danish Superliga title in the 2014-2015 season. In 2016, he signed with the Spanish club Celta de Vigo, Sisto has also represented the Danish national team at both the youth and senior levels, making over 25 appearances for the senior team. Additionally, Sisto is known for his versatility, as he is comfortable playing both on the wing and in a central attacking role. His impressive performances have earned him numerous awards and accolades.

Pione Sisto recently revealed how Hyperarch Fascia Training helped him to overcome a chronic Achilles injury and return to the field stronger than ever. Sisto, who currently plays for FC Midtjylland in Denmark’s Superliga, shared his journey to recovery and how he was able to reach new levels of athletic performance with the help of this unique training approach.

In an interview, Sisto spoke about how Hyper Fascia Training has transformed his performance and helped him recover faster. “That was the Achilles thing, I was out for many times a season since we began, I haven’t been out, that was my big big big worry. I haven’t experienced anything since then, so that’s a big big win for me,” Sisto explains. “Because losing time on the pitch has a big consequence to me and my football.”

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Coach Xie, Hyperarch Fascia Training expert and coach, says, “each individual has a different level of fascia connection, different level of fascia adhesions, different struggles and different timeline of recovery. We must personalize the recovery program with understanding of fascia.”

Sisto also spoke about the vertical jump test that he takes twice a week, which has shown significant improvement in his performance since he started the program.

Hyperarch Fascia Training works by targeting the body’s fascia integration with muscle, which plays a crucial role in optimal muscle contraction[1]. While traditional muscle training focuses on strength and hypertrophy, Hyperarch Fascia Training aims to develop precision in athletes’ movements, helping them perform at their best and while increasing body recovery.

Each athlete’s fascia connection and level of fascia adhesions are different, and this is where the one-on-one approach of Hyperarch Fascia Training comes in. By working with a coach who can assess and customize the Hyperarch Fascia Training exercises for their specific issue, athletes can unlock their full potential and achieve their goals in their respective sports.

“It’s really straightforward and accurate,” Sisto goes on to say. “We really don’t have to guess. Everybody has their own path and I believe this is the future!” When asked to compare the result with mainstream training and rehab.

Sisto’s success with Hyperarch Fascia Training has not gone unnoticed. As more athletes and coaches become aware of the benefits of this approach, it is rapidly gaining popularity in the football/soccer world. As the importance of fascia continues to be recognized, we can expect to see more athletes incorporating personalized Hyperarch Fascia training into their overall training regimen.

1. “Internal fluid pressure influences muscle contractile force” –

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