From Poetry to Rap Verses, Chaney Chino Shares His Journey to Developing His Brand and 3K Entertainment

The beauty of music is that it takes inspiration from a variety of people, events, and memories, walking the line so closely with poetry. Both serve as catalysts to express their innermost feelings by reaching out to listeners with relatable experiences. Many rappers often cite poetry as one of their earliest exposures to the music style, attributing their lyrical practice to the lines and composition of poetry. Chaney Chino is an up-and-coming rapper whose growing success stemmed from his early exposure to the literary form of art.

Chaney Chino is a renowned Texas artist, producer, songwriter, and partner and founder of 3K or 3Kings Entertainment LLC. While he is growing significantly in the music space, the artist’s journey started from humble beginnings with exposure to Gospel music, Neo-Soul, and Country Rap Tunes, igniting his passion and interest in music production.

At nine years old, Chaney was already exploring his lyrical gifts, writing as a poet while learning how to play the piano by ear and polishing his drum skills in church. These early practices would be beneficial in his later career. As an adult, Chaney Chino would bring his training to the big stage, working alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry. The rising artist has already performed with multi-platinum Grammy-nominated producer, Mr. Lee, Lil Flip, Webbie, and many legendary Texas artists.

The rising artist also boasts expertise as a highly-skilled liaison, looking to bridge gaps between business and consumers while providing preeminent entertainment. Chaney took his platform to the next level when he opened the doors for emerging 3K artists. Despite being busy with multiple endeavors, Chaney continues to release high quality visuals like “Playmade” in 2017” and “Hood N*gga” in 2021. Recently, he released a track called “Jungle.”

With a colorful discography, Chaney Chino’s works have been well received by music blogs and tastemakers. The artist has also landed a feature on Genius and Say Cheese TV this year. With 3K Entertainment, the artist’s greatest contribution is developing artists around North and Central Texas, transforming them into heavy hitters in their respective cities. Since establishing the company, 3K has become a reputable brand and entertainment company. 

Working with Illmatic from Louisiana, Chaney has developed a joint venture on building a reputable business and brand. The duo first came together in 2016 and have been making strides in the industry. Together, they developed 3K Entertainment, leading the brand to gain traction and build with the lead beat production from Illmatic.

In 2020, Chaney and 3K Entertainment released “Eleven Eleven,” one of the company’s earliest productions and collaboration. The commercial visual illustrates everyday activity with family and community values. 

Since then, 3K Entertainment has been moving in the right direction. Chaney Chino is optimistic about the fate of his brand and hopes to scale it on a national level next year as a new market for growth, opportunities, and placement.Stay updated on Chaney Chino’s latest tracks by following him on Facebook and Instagram and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

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