Ghroth: Queer Motifs in a Virtual Dreamscape

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Queercircle, London, 2022

In the bustling London art scene, Ghroth offers a distinct and fresh perspective. Born at the twilight of the 20th century, Ghroth possesses the unique historical vantage of growing up at the nexus of rapid technological advancement and socio-cultural evolution. As an Asian queer artist living in London, his dual cultural background has armed him with a versatile artistic arsenal, melding Eastern aesthetics with Western new media techniques.

Ghroth’s oeuvre is a melting pot of disciplines: 3D art, game art, fine art, illustration, and sculpture. This confluence is not just an eclectic mix but an intentional convergence, as if each medium is a thread in a larger tapestry of his narrative. Venturing into his works is like stepping into an alternate reality game, where the familiar blends with the surreal.

Much of contemporary dialogue on new media often categorize it as a subsidiary of the digital era’s indulgence. However, Ghroth’s work transcends this limiting view. For many, new media arts, especially those in gaming and virtual reality, stand as the ninth art—a bold, yet fitting declaration when experiencing the worlds Ghroth crafts.

Central to his creations are full of symbolic queer motifs. These don’t just nod to his identity but act as gateways for the audience, inviting them to delve deeper into the realms he’s constructed. Ghroth’s artistry is both an introspection and an outward exploration of queer existence. The journey he lays out is, in essence, psycho-surreal—a pulsating dance between the conscious and subconscious. One moment, you’re engrossed with a peculiar manga-inspired character moving to an unseen rhythm; the next, you’re propelled into an interstellar void, feeling the weight of countless eyes upon you. The transition between scenes, some of which feature symbolic representations like the Buddha waving, exemplifies life’s fluid and unpredictable nature.


Ghroth’s artworks are not mere visuals; they’re experiences. They beckon us to question, explore, and perhaps find solace in the oblique worlds he’s nurtured. As he continues to blur the boundaries between game art and contemporary conversation, Ghroth not only reshapes our understanding of new media but also redefines the very essence of artistic expression in the conversation.


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