Haley Graves, the Pop Punk Artist Hoping to Challenge the Lack of Representation in the Genre

Today’s industries have taken significant strides in the process of becoming more inclusive and representative. In particular, the music scene has transformed into a space that allows the entry of people from all walks of life, no longer serving as the playground only for men with the resources and connections to make it. However, while it is undeniable that barriers have been broken down and the path toward the summit has proven smoother for those who were once judged to be unfit, there are still noticeable gaps that need to be addressed. Haley Graves, a twenty-year-old independent pop-punk artist, hopes to face the diversity issue in the genre.

Women have played a massive role in punk from the get-go. As artists under the spotlight or professionals behind the scene, they occupied the field as long as their counterparts. Despite this fact, a considerable number of personalities who are currently at the forefront are men. For Haley Graves, this glaring lack of representation is an area that she wants to zero in on as she rises through the ranks.

Hailing from South Bristol, Maine, Haley Graves has always had an affinity towards beats and rhythms. Her initial interest in music, which started at a very young age, eventually evolved into a deep-seated love for the craft, a passion that would influence her decisions in life. The multi-talented figure, who began playing the guitar at eleven because of her love for Justin Bieber, soon found inspiration in powerhouses like Demi Lovato. During her teenage years, she realized the appeal of pop-punk, becoming heavily invested in the genre thanks to bands such as 5 Seconds of Summer and Green Day. 

It was no surprise then that Haley Graves would end up making waves in the music industry years down the road. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated not only an awe-inspiring devotion to the genre but also the potential to emerge as a powerhouse. At eighteen, she played a sold-out show in Maine, a feat that she hoped to be a herald of upcoming success. When the pandemic hit, she was no exception to the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who lost their sense of purpose, but she persevered, clinging to the dream that she wanted to translate into reality.

Having found her own sound, Haley Graves is ready to take on the industry. The passion-fueled singer is set to release her first EP this July 30. Highly anticipated, the album titled She Thinks My Pop Punk is Cringey is bound to propel the visionary toward the limelight. 

Apart from the launch of her debut album, more projects can be expected from Haley Graves in the coming years. Driven by the mission to inspire change as a Black artist in the scene, she will continue to shed light on the lack of representation in the genre and serve as an inspiration for aspiring musicians who are afraid to step foot in male-dominated fields.

Learn more about Haley Graves by visiting her website.

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