How Business Intelligence Gathering Supports Companies Entering New Markets

In business, data is king; after all, knowing vital information is key to making strategic decisions that will grow an enterprise. However, not all entrepreneurs are well-versed in these things. As such, many seek the help of market research and business analysis expert Steven Czyrny and his brand, The Analyst Agency.

Since it was founded in 2011, the remarkable venture has seen immense growth. From a humble boutique digital marketing agency, to an award-winning global research, marketing, and technology advisory services firm. 

Now, The Analyst Agency has a wide range of offerings, including full-service qualitative and quantitative research, and industry and competitive analysis. Their global network includes partners in the United States, Canada, and India, which enables them to access market data around the world.

Despite the legitimate significance of conducting market research, most companies don’t have the internal capacity to effectively do primary or secondary research, but Steven Czyrny details why outsourcing to an unbiased and experienced firm can help businesses.

He shared, “Capital partners such as banks or venture capital firms are going to take risks with those that know their industries and have a plan on how to be successful. Having a full market research study by an independent third party shows you are serious about your business and that you care about strategic planning. That matters to people when you are asking for thousands or millions of dollars.”

Aside from the benefits of market analysis for aspiring entrepreneurs or startups, the insightful business development professional also talked about its advantages for already established companies. He said, “Having a proof of concept validated by your target audience gives you the confidence to move forward.”

As a testament to Steven Czyrny’s business acumen and prowess, The Analyst Agency has received stellar reviews from its clientele. The firm has 5-star ratings on Facebook, Clutch, and Google.

Additionally, it was named a Top Research Company in Quirk’s Magazine in 2020. The agency was also featured in, PeakFirms, DesignRush, and GoodFirms. Furthermore, famous publications like The Free Press Journal, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, Market Watch, and Influencer Daily have dubbed it an expert in market research and consulting.For more information about The Analyst Agency, visit

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