How Lumi Athena Is Destroying And Rebuilding the Image of Dance Music

How Lumi Athena Is Destroying (And Rebuilding) the Image of Dance Music

By: Maria Williams

Lumi Athena didn’t plan to reshape dance music; it just happened. From gaming to TikTok edits to FL Studio, their creativity thrived on a cheap PC bought off Facebook Marketplace. Starting with a relentless drive to carve their own space in the music world, they conjured up chaotic, brain-rot audios that became viral sensations. Then came SMOKE IT OFF and ICEWHORE, two game-changers that signaled the birth of a new genre they dubbed “KRUSH CLUB.”

COVID gave them time to explore and refine their craft. Tapping beats on desks as a kid became tapping beats on tracks, and before long, the KRUSH CLUB sound ignited TikTok. SMOKE IT OFF blew up, and labels came calling. Signing with 25/7 Records, Lumi found themself in a mansion in LA, shooting music videos, meeting their idols Cade Clair and Jnhygs, and living the creative dream. With their first chain and grill, reality hit hard—their game-changing artistry was changing the dance music landscape.

“It was all very surreal to me and was one of the first times I felt like I was really living for my purpose,” Lumi shares. Even getting their first jewelry felt like a dream. “I never thought I’d just be able to spend bags on jewelry, and I got my first chain and first grill and was just like, holy crap, this is real!” 

Lumi Athena knows that confidence is crucial, and they’ve always trusted their ear and creativity. “I had a taste in music that was uniquely mine,” they say. If they weren’t hearing what they wanted from others, they’d create it themself. They doubled down on TikTok and stuck to their vision, confident that their audience would connect with the chaotic, immersive tracks they loved. “I stand on what I like,” they assert. “My music and brand are a mood board for what I like at the time.” Even if fans don’t fully understand the direction, they trust their gut.

Lumi’s influences include Tyler the Creator and Yeat, artists who built their brands and communities by staying true to themselves. They wanted the Lumi Athena experience to feel instantly recognizable, and by blending music and visual style with intention, their brand solidified. Whether LET ME SEE YA MOVE or EGOISTA, each song is a statement, adding to the KRUSH CLUB tapestry. As the community rallied behind their sound, they embraced the unexpectedness of their identity.

Real-life moments, not just streams or awards, have solidified their impact. As viral clips of them go viral time and again, Lumi inspires others to make KRUSH CLUB their own. With Billboard hits and viral fame, Lumi saw their influence on the community firsthand. Still, they remain grounded, staying focused on quality and building connections. They want to perform live and venture more into fashion, expanding Lumi Athena beyond music into something tangible.

At just 18, Lumi Athena’s journey is just beginning. Even if they can’t foresee the long term, they’re committed to their brand and are willing to do their best to solidify it in the future. For now, every track released carries that drive to create something fresh, unbound by trends. Dance music is a playground, and Lumi Athena is here to change the game.


Published By: Aize Perez

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