In Celebration of the Diverse Human Spirit, GeoMike122 Gears Up for the Release of Their Brand New Single, “Hey Human”

In our ever-shifting world, there has been a lot of progress being made when it comes to cultural diversity in mainstream media and the positive representation of LGBTQ+ talents. The music industry itself is shaping up to be a safe space for diversity and inclusion, allowing individuals to express themselves with their genuine stories and personalities. Michael Ciolino, more famously known as GeoMike122, stands at the forefront of LGBTQ+ representation in the music industry.

GeoMike122 is an up-and-coming musical talent with a diverse set of cultural experiences. They are a non-binary, gay, Mediterranean, Scottish, and Hispanic musician who has a wide array of perspectives in life. They love to travel, dance, make music, and build connections with people. As an artist, their goal has always been to inspire and motivate people through the power of their music.

They are a Fair Lawn native who has become a community leader, educator, and now a rising musical artist. Straight out of Fair Lawn, GeoMike122 went to school in Warren Point, T.J., and graduated from Fair Lawn High School in 2004. Admittedly, their experience in Fair Lawn Public Schools was mostly positive, but as a gay teen growing up, they faced a lot of bullying and faced some personal and family issues along the way.

Through their vast life experiences, GeoMike122 is now ready to inspire, motivate, and unite more of the community through their music. Their artistic brand is an expression of Michael Ciolino’s life. They create music with the intention that all age groups can listen and watch. Inclusivity is very important, and GeoMike122 loves to interact with the community through comments and posts on social media. 

Their first single entitled “Whimsical,” discusses how they are gaining confidence and not letting any “distractors” get to their head. “Caprichosx,” the Spanish remix of “Whimsical,” has similar trap beats and flutes while adding in more dance sounds.

Their next single is entitled “Hey Human,” an indie dance anthem that celebrates the diversity, love, and joy of the human spirit. The song also features its own music video, which was filmed in New York City during the months of April and June of 2021. This was the perfect time to shoot the video, as the pandemic restrictions were easing up, and social establishments were beginning to open.

“In these hard times, what helped me is focusing on the strengths and resiliency of the human spirit,” said GeoMike122. “Meeting new people and celebrating the beauty of the human spirit is one reason I decided to make music,” they added.

Ultimately, “Hey Human” will underscore the beauty of what it means to be truly human. It celebrates the positive spirit of the human condition rather than dull its sparkle with brooding thoughts of life’s difficulties and challenges. It is a positive anthem that is guaranteed to brighten up GeoMike122’s new and old audiences alike. Their new song is bound to inspire and rejuvenate the human spirit.

Make sure to catch the music video premiere for GeoMike122’s “Hey Human” on YouTube this July 22. For more live updates, follow GeoMike122 on their social media accounts on FacebookInstagramTikTokYouTube, and Spotify.

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