Kayana Herndon Finding Her Music Amid Job Loss and a Global Pandemic

The grief and sense of loss as jobs dissolve during the global COVID-19 pandemic is a crushing blow that many people face today. While the tragedy might pull many down, music sensation Kayana Herndon has chosen to direct her own course. The artist has found her way down the river and turned her employment woes into a pursuit of her most authentic passion in life. 

At only twenty-three years old, Kayana has a whole life ahead of her. However, it certainly didn’t feel that way after she found out she would be part of a reduction effort to cut expenses. In what seemed to be a blink of an eye, she went from stable to unemployed. But instead of drowning in her sorrows, Kayana found gold amid the muck as she redirected all her efforts into music. 

Before jumping into her newfound journey to music renown, Kayana had always been an avid artist and performer. She started posting song covers and dance videos on YouTube long before the adverse events of coronavirus. But the recent turn of events has only given her more clarity as she has invested all that she is into music following her job loss. 

The result was two anthems that have captured the hearts of thousands since their launch. The first of the pair is a song entitled “Fade Away,” a song that would instantly become a hit. It’s been five months since the track’s release, but fans have received it favorably. Her debut single’s success would inspire Kayana to record and release a follow-up, which she would entitle “6 Feet.” Despite most experiencing a sophomore crash following a viral hit on the first try, that would not be the case for Kayana. Her second release would only prove to be more successful, as “6 Feet” would become the official pandemic jingle for thousands of fans for its life-giving message and vibe.

What makes Kayana Herndon a stand-out artist is her undying dedication to self-development.  On top of that, she has also moved into video production, directing, and post-production as she recently released her first music video for her song “6 Feet.”

Following her decision to take on an independent artist’s path post-COVID-19 lockdowns, Kayana has since grown her digital following to unprecedented heights. Her YouTube channel has now gathered over 300,000 views and 3,600 subscribers. She has also confidently put herself out there by publishing her music on music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Pandora, and other streaming services.

As the young and driven artist continues on her path to indie greatness, she is hopeful that she will catch a label’s attention and strike a deal soon, which doesn’t seem all too impossible given her exponential rise to digital fame. Kayana’s music continues to climb up the ranks as more people pour in to listen to her masterful musicianship, stellar singing prowess, and prolific songwriting.

Kayana hopes to continue on her trajectory and turn her passion for music into a long-term profession. To support and follow the up-and-coming artist, visit and follow Kayana Herndon on her Spotify profile and YouTube channel.

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