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Keoni: Evolution of a Musical Journey

Keoni: Evolution of a Musical Journey
Photo Credit: Keoni

The evolving tale of Keoni, a music enthusiast turned creator-sensation, has foundations as rich and diverse as his music. Born in Pilsen, The Czech Republic in 1983, music had been ingrained into Keoni’s existence even before he truly recognized it. His father’s notes on the piano and saxophone echoed through the house, while his older brothers formed a band that rehearsed relentlessly at home. Swiftly, music claimed a special place in his heart, first with drums, then the guitar and keyboard, and eventually, vocals.

Keoni took his innate love for music and curiosity about electronics to the next level, diving into keyboarding. Years accumulated, and so did his proficiency as a skilled musician. His prowess bloomed as he contributed to numerous bands, eventually founding one of his own named ‘The Universe of Discourse.’ This band found notable success in Germany, supporting Keoni’s university studies and daily life. A hidden powerhouse of talent, he composed, played the guitar, and sang for over fifty songs, despite the chaotic flurry of meetings with people, musicians, and romance.

As a youth, the music of The Doors and Radiohead breathed life into Keoni’s existence. Particularly, the memory of being immersed in Radiohead’s “National Anthem” while relishing weed, ice cream, and a comfortable sofa resonates powerfully. This monumental exposure led him to explore a broad range of genres, from Balkan brass, reggae, grunge, nu metal to even pop icons such as Britney Spears and David Bowie.

Life wasn’t a smooth symphony for Keoni; it had its discordant patches. The shadows of alcohol dependency, reflecting his father, clouded his childhood memories. The painful demise of his father and the disbanding of ‘The Universe of Discourse’ left deep wounds in his 20s. Mental health struggles ensued, leading to a dark phase of despair. However, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Keoni found renewed strength. He battled odds, married, became a father, and after years of undervalued work, settled into a job that finally mirrored his intelligence and skillset.

Not one to let that musical fire within him dim, Keoni, approaching 35, embarked on the ‘Keoni project.’ Intrigued by EDM and inspired by artists like Royksopp, Chemical Brothers, and Faithless, he decided his passion was worth pursuing despite inconsistent financial gains. Keoni framed an experimental lyrical canvas, threading emotions such as sex, spirituality, God, and societal metamorphosis through his creations. With social media as his platform for expression, he shared deep contemplations on spirituality and societal issues.

Keoni’s perspective on love, a central theme in his work, deviates from typical romanticism. His compositions often reflect love in its unusual, raw dimensions, adding depth to his musical narrative. Using cutting-edge tools, including Ableton, Waves plugins, and Native Instruments, Keoni’s work offers listeners a truly captivating experience—the product of an intensely personal and varied journey.

Each composition is a unique thread in the intricate, colourful tapestry of his life. From the sound of his father’s saxophone echoing through the halls of his childhood home to the primal vibrations of the European EDM scene, Keoni draws from an extensive palette of experiences and influences. In doing so, he offers listeners an evocative and deeply personal soundtrack for their own journeys.

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