Kim Brogli Debuts New EP, The Fight
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Kim Brogli Debuts New EP, The Fight

Kim Brogli has recently made her mark in the music industry with the release of her debut EP titled  The Fight. Hailing from the town of College Grove, TN, the singer-songwriter is based in Nashville. This EP goes beyond being a compilation of songs; it takes listeners on a relatable journey, through life challenges and victories. Released on November 10, 2023, “The Fight” showcases Kim Brogli’s unique perspective and talent.

The Fight showcases Kim’s diverse musical influences, ranging from Americana and Folk Rock to Alternative Country. Each track in the EP is a unique narrative, touching on themes like mental health awareness, the complexities of love and relationships, the challenges of parenting, and the struggles with self-doubt and addiction. Despite the seriousness of these topics, Kim ensures that her music retains an element of fun and light-heartedness.

The EP opens with its title track, “The Fight,” a poignant exploration of parenting and imparting life lessons to children. “Let Her Go” follows, a moving piece advocating self-acceptance among self-doubt and condemnation. “Crazy For You,” a cover song in the EP, shifts the focus to the dynamics of love and relationships. “What A Waste” provides a heartfelt look at addiction and its ripple effect on loved ones. Concluding the EP on a positive note, “It’s A Good Day” offers a lighthearted reflection on life’s blessings.

Kim’s vocal style blends sweetness and grit, reminiscent of artists like Patty Griffin, Lori McKenna, and Brandi Carlile, with a bluesy touch similar to Grace Potter or Susan Tedeschi. The EP offers a unique soundscape, featuring mid-tempo love songs with an R&B pop flair, demonstrating Kim’s ability to merge different musical styles seamlessly.

Kim Brogli’s journey to becoming a Nashville-based singer-songwriter is as unique as her music. With a French and International Business background from The University of Alabama, Brogli transitioned from a successful real estate career to music. Her entry into the world of songwriting was almost accidental, spurred by a gift of guitars to her twin boys and eventually her guitar. Voice lessons soon led to transforming her emotional words into songs.

Her collaboration with acclaimed producer Will Gawley and hit songwriter James Dean Hicks has been instrumental in shaping The Fight. The EP reflects Brogli’s life experiences and feelings on faith, love, life lessons, and more, resonating particularly with the Americana audience. Her ability to connect with her audience through humor, storytelling, and heartfelt music is evident in her growing popularity, especially in live performances around Nashville.

Brogli’s journey is an inspiration to anyone who has ever faced rejection. Overcoming an early setback of not being selected for a school choir at a young age, she has found her unique and compassionate voice. Her music videos for “What A Waste” and “Crazy For You” on her YouTube channel showcase her artistic vision and talent professionally.

In her words, Kim Brogli’s debut EP is a comprehensive mix of tempo, sound, and messages. From addressing the severe repercussions of addiction to offering perspectives on parenting and celebrating life’s blessings, The Fight captures a wide range of human experiences. For Brogli, this EP is a musical endeavor and a culmination of her life’s journey, shared with the world through her songs.

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