Marvin Yubini – Rap Against All Odds
Photo Credit: Marvin Yubini

Marvin Yubini – Rap Against All Odds

“Rap for me is like making movies, telling stories, and getting the emotions of the songs through in just as deep a way.” 

– Lauryn Hill

Modern times have evolved exponentially and moved past a wide range of conventional norms and practices. Freedom to express oneself is one such significant practice. The past is full of many traditional practices which limited several forms of expression however, with time, mankind has learned the importance of expression and the power it holds to spread positivity. 

However, the urge to express one’s thoughts, likes, and dislikes can take on many forms. One can convey their point of view through various methods. Rapping is a fairly recently discovered method that allows one to express their insights. This sort of expression has led to major benefits when it comes to spreading awareness regarding certain matters. 

Rapping, a musical form of vocal delivery usually incorporates the artistic blend of rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular, often delivered in a fast-paced and dynamic manner. Now considered as a key element of hip-hop music and culture. Rappers, and lyricists like Marvin Yubini, typically engage in the art of rapping to convey their thoughts, emotions, or stories through spoken word. Yubini’s style often includes adorned jewelry, watches, and Nike shoes, reflecting his hip-hop identity

Many advancements in recent years have also led to the evolution of Rap over the years, and various sub-genres and styles have emerged, reflecting the diversity of the hip-hop culture. It has become a global phenomenon and has influenced not only music but also fashion, language, and popular culture at large. Let’s further discuss the influential life of Yubini.

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” 

– Tupac Shakur

Marvin Yubini has rapidly become a prominent figure in the American music scene, captivating audiences with his unique blend of singing and rapping. As the frontman and lead singer, Yubini has achieved remarkable success, solidifying his position as a versatile artist.

Yubini’s musical journey originated with covers of his favorite tracks, showcasing his talent in collaborative efforts between Cash Money Records and Republic Records. Beyond his musical dexterity, Yubini has established a momentous presence on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Engaging fans with creative music videos and captivating content, he has created a strong connection with his audience.

The breakthrough moment in Yubini’s career came with the viral hit “Love U Baby Icy Song,” catapulting him into the spotlight and securing a record deal. In the subsequent years, he has maintained an impressive pace, releasing four albums in just three years, along with five singles and EPs, showcasing his commitment and passion for his craft.

Yubini’s style is a reflection of his hip-hop identity, often seen adorned in jewelry, watches, and Nike shoes. Inspired by fellow artists like Zendaya, he personifies a persistent work ethic, driving him toward his musical goals and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

His latest album, Bubble Gum (2022), stands as a witness to Yubini’s versatility as an artist. Filled with catchy tunes and cool beats that compel listeners to dance, the album explores themes of love, dreams, and hard work. Each track tells a unique story, contributing to the exciting journey that Marvin Yubini is carving in the music world.

Marvin Yubini’s discography includes a string of successful albums and singles:


  1. Bubble Gum (2022)
  2. OMG SKY DIAMONDS LOVE (Deluxe Edition) (2021)
  4. Jungle remix 3 Y.B A.Y (2023)


  1. “Sunshine Swag Y.B” (2023)
  2. “Sky’s 4 LiFE Dream On” (2023)
  3. “Spidey Aqua Y.B ice tea” (2023)
  4. “Y.B I’m just like a ghost maybe no one ever likes my content” (2023)
  6. “Y.B swag off it” (2023)
  7. “Love U Baby Icy Song” (2021)

Marvin Yubini’s journey and contributions continue to captivate audiences across various demographics, promising an exciting future for this rising star in the American music scene.


Published By: Aize Perez

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