Meet The DJ Khaled of Gospel Music, Award-Winning Songwriter and Singer, Todd Dulaney

When it comes to gospel music, there are few names more synonymous with success than Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Todd Dulaney. Hailed as the “DJ Khaled of Gospel Music,” Dulaney’s ability to consistently release chart-topping hits has earned him a prominent place in the hearts of gospel music enthusiasts worldwide.

Raised on the baseball fields alongside the New York Mets, Dulaney switched gears to chase his passion for music. Today, he shares the stage with some of gospel music’s greatest names. Dulaney has a unique sound, delivering one chart-topping hit after another, with his sixth consecutive number one single being the latest achievement.

The acclaimed single, “It’s Working,” hails from Todd’s latest EP, “The Journey,” which was released on October 27, 2023. Highly anticipated by Dulaney’s dedicated fan base and the broader gospel music scene, the EP did not disappoint.

The top hits that have helped shape Dulaney’s celebrated career include “The Anthem,” which topped the charts in 2016, “Your Great Name,” which led in 2018, and then “Doing It All Again,” featuring the dynamic Nicole Harris. The year 2020 saw two of Dulaney’s masterpieces reach number one: “Revelation 4” and “Psalm 18 (I Will Call on the Name).” Then, the well-known “Satisfied,” featuring Todd’s long-time mentor, Smokey Norful, soared to new heights in 2021.

Presently, Dulaney’s seventh chart-topper, “It’s Working,” is winning hearts with its high-energy, choir-backed rendition, featuring the legendary Hezekiah Walker. Although his hits like “Victory Belongs to Jesus” and “The Anthem” are perhaps his best-known works, “It’s Working” is rapidly gaining popularity, lending credibility to his enduring success.

Following the news of this phenomenal achievement, Todd took to his social media outlets to acknowledge his listeners’ overwhelming support and his label team. His message: “Grateful Grateful!!!! Thank you so much radio world, from the bottom of my heart! ANOTHER NUMBER 1!” echoes the humility that sets him apart.

Todd’s influence extends beyond his chart-topping music. Through his privately-owned production company, DulaneyLand Music, he has guided over 300 undiscovered voices. This initiative has allowed these burgeoning talents to have their music produced and recorded—an opportunity that few artists extend to others in the industry.

DulaneyLand Music has become a force in its own right, contributing to the staggering streaming numbers of Todd’s EPs. The firm revels in millions of video views, with over 57 million to date, and these numbers continue to rise daily.

Much like the tracks he produces, Dulaney’s career represents an inspiring journey. Few artists, especially within the Gospel genre, can boast of a string of number one hits that parallels his. His music, stoutly anchored in biblical teachings, reverberates a sentiment he often expresses: “Sing the Bible, it always works!” This faith-based approach has clearly resonated with his multitude of followers.

While Todd Dulaney continues to traverse the globe, creating inspirational music experiences, his growing fan base eagerly awaits his future endeavors. With a guaranteed spot at the precipice of the gospel music scene, Dulaney’s talent continues to flourish. Based on what he has achieved so far, whatever comes next is sure to touch hearts and top charts.

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