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Melting Hearts with Country Music Ballads: Cliff & Susan’s New Single Maybe You Should

Melting Hearts with Country Music Ballads: Cliff & Susan's New Single Maybe You Should
Photo Credit: c. Cliff & Susan

Emerging from the heartland of Little Rock, Arkansas, musical power couple Cliff & Susan spun into the world of country music, serenading audiences with their vibrant melodies and fluid storytelling. With a notable backlog of over 2,000 songs, this dynamic married music duo is never short of tunes to entertain their global audience. Now, the ensemble has released their greatly anticipated new single, “Maybe You Should,” hot on the trail of their Top 10 UK iTunes hit, “Neon Dreams.” Both songs are part of their debut album, “Fiddle & Keys,” which impressively entered the US iTunes Country Albums Top 40 upon its release.

“Maybe You Should” unravels as a heart-tugging ballad, leveraging the melodious country music genre to relay its emotional story. It stands as clear evidence of Cliff & Susan’s musical chemistry, their talent mesmerizing as they harmoniously weave their narrative. Susan lends her soulful vocals to the track, enchanting listeners with her deep, emotive range. As Susan enchants with her voice, Cliff demonstrates his mastery over the fiddle and guitar, aiding in the creation of a rich, immersive musical experience. This seamless fusion adds an irresistible appeal to “Maybe You Should,” marking it as a must-listen piece for fans of country music.

Since their genesis in 2016, Cliff & Susan have already been steadily making waves within the music industry. Cliff Prowse is not just an accomplished musician, but a talented songwriter and producer. His collaborations with award-winning artists and his experience producing for over 30 artists have made him a revered figure within the industry. Alongside Cliff, Susan Erwin Prowse holds a diverse portfolio of her own. A singing piano entertainer, Susan can look back at a formidable, two-decade-long international music career, crowned with two albums released out of Nashville.

Their collective artistic prowess uncannily came to life in “Neon Dreams,” their previous single, which resonated with numerous listeners. It quickly amassed over 60K Spotify streams, earning it a solid #8 place on the UK iTunes Top 10 Country Songs chart. The recent release of “Maybe You Should” is sure to follow a similar trajectory, further cementing Cliff & Susan’s status as rising luminaries in the country music sphere.

Apart from making enchanting music, Cliff & Susan are also business visionaries. They run Big Red Dog Productions, an artist development company, and Rainy Ray, their e-commerce store. Rainy Ray spotlights their handmade jewelry, apparel, and artwork, providing fans with a unique insight into their creative spirit beyond mere music. They also host the Cliff & Susan Podcast, aiming to connect with their fans on a deeper level. In a step towards fostering the music industry, they co-founded the Yadaloo Music & Arts Festival and launched the Entertainers Academy, designed to guide independent artists towards building lucrative music careers.

Cliff & Susan are set to embark on an exciting tour, showcasing their new single and other noteworthy tracks. Audiences can look forward to their vibrant, energetic performances and unique sound, guaranteed to make every show a memorable event.

To stay updated about their latest projects, tours, and downloadable content, visit their website, Their new single “Maybe You Should” can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms. For glimpses behind the scenes and news updates, you can also follow Cliff & Susan on a range of social media platforms.

If country music could be personified, it would undoubtedly take the form of Cliff & Susan – dynamic in their creativity, captivating in their storytelling, and simply unforgettable. With their music, they continue to tug at the heartstrings of fans worldwide, one melody at a time.

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