Motown Records and Google’s New Collaborative Venture Dedicated to Women of Color and Talent

Photo: AfroTech

On Friday, February 11, Motown Records revealed a collaborative venture with Google embodying its Black History Month tradition.

The Motown Records Creator Program Supported by Google (the name of the collaboration) seeks to inspire women of color employed within the dynamic music industry.

Motown and Google will team up to recognize and financially support “the next outstanding woman content creator, videographer, or creative producer/director.” The selected lady will be given a chance to team up with Motown executives and the label’s long list of clients.

In a statement, Motown R&B artist Tiana Major9 said, “As an artist, it is always a goal of mine to work with incredible women creatives and I believe that talent can truly come from anywhere.”

“I am so excited to work closely with Motown Records and Google on this Creator Program to help uplift emerging creators,” she added.

Participants must be women, 18 years and older, US-based and seeking to work for Motown Records as a Creative Collaborator from March to July. The application deadline is on March 8, 11:59 p.m. PT; it must be submitted online through the Changemakers program website.

The lucky person will be allowed to make content that narrates the tales of Motown Records’ women; Tiana Major9 included.

“Motown has always been a destination where creators come to bring dreams to life. In partnership with Google, this creative program will provide opportunities for women creatives to elevate and even further develop their craft. I’m looking forward to all of the diverse content from the selectees and partnering with a dynamic woman to create culturally driven innovations that connect globally,” said Ethiopia Habtemariam, chairwoman and CEO at Motown Records, in a statement.

“Google firmly believes that everyone deserves to see themselves equally in every room and throughout the media we consume. Through this partnership with Motown Records, we’re excited to help provide well-deserved resources to an aspiring woman music industry innovator to work alongside Motown’s vibrant roster of artists and influential label leaders, bringing their creative visions to life,” said Google entertainment partnerships lead Elle Roth Brunet.

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