Mso Scorpio’s “Want From Me” Making Waves and the Rounds on all Streaming Platforms

Detrick Miller, also known as Mso Scorpio, recently released his latest single titled “Want From Me” and it’s on every streaming platform racking up the numbers and gaining more popularity by being the theme song for the “Sheesh Challenge” on YouTube. Signed to his own music company, Scorpio Production LLC, Mso Scorpio has taken his career on a full ride and is working on getting his music and sound heard everywhere.

Popularly known as “Mr. Vibe with a Vibe himself,” “Want from Me” lends further credence to the type of music Mso Scorpio enjoys making. Describing the process behind his songs, “I wanna target the ones who actually feel and hear what I’m saying,” he says. He targets pop and Hip-hop fans and guitar lovers. He believes he’s not like any other musician and that has made his art get the acceptance it has since his career kicked off. 

Bringing a new, fresh sound to the music scene, Mso Scorpio is all about getting his sound accepted by millions of people. He intends to get his song to as many parts of the world as possible and be tagged a successful musician whenever he comes up in music conversations. Mso Scorpio as a brand in its entirety was built on optimism and strong self-belief. “No matter what you do, stay optimistic and be ready to evolve. Don’t get trapped in a cycle; keep changing so that your life may change too,” he asserts.

Before his journey into music began, Mso Scorpio did theatre acting and spoken word poetry performances for eight years between the ages of 12 and 20. Many of the performance skills he picked up then have helped in his music and he’s grateful for that experience. He built Scorpio’s Production to change the narrative in the music scene and bring some freshness to the music circulating. He’s a strong believer in the fact that success is never out of reach and that has given him the drive to pursue his dreams unabashedly. 

While he’s working hard on getting his music heard, he has a well-thought-out plan to achieve success and become a record label executive in five years. He plans to turn Scorpio’s Production into a full studio that contains a full music studio, cinema, and entertainment hub alongside being a talent management company. Even though the pandemic slowed most of those plans down, Mso Scorpio continues to put in the work to make his brand sustainable in preparation for the plans he has already laid out. He recently announced the theatrical music video he’s working on.

The Mso Scorpio brand is in its growth phase with the ultimate goal of climbing to the top of the music industry. Detrick believes getting there requires more than talents but more of self-belief, optimism, and a positive mindset. With the structure already in place for his personal brand and that of Scorpio’s Production LLC, his hopes for success are high.Learn more about Mso Scorpio and Scorpio’s Production LLC on the official website.

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