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Navigating the Labyrinths of the Mind: A Glimpse into Nicholas Monarch’s Surrealist Vision

Every artist has a story, a drive, a unique perspective that fuels their craft. For Nicholas Monarch, the paintbrush dances across the canvas, weaving tales not of this world but of the ethereal domain of dreams. Hailing from the bustling streets of New York City, this surrealist oil painter, educator, and writer has dedicated his craft to an understanding that most of us merely skim the surface of: the fragile, complex nature of dreams.

Initiumart, Monarch’s brand, is a door—a mystical entryway leading viewers into the world of the Dream State. The very name “initiumart” suggests initiation, beckoning audiences into the realm of subconscious exploration. This idea is mirrored in the brand’s motto: “While some sleep, I dream of finishing the temple not labored by hands, but built in the labyrinths and constructs of the mind.”

Monarch’s journey as an artist started innocuously enough, with the simple strokes of a pencil in a childhood sketchbook. Over time, those sketches morphed into graffiti’s vivid colors and bold statements. Yet, it wasn’t until a prophetic dream, where Monarch saw himself as an artist, that he fully committed to his craft. This dream not only reignited his artistic flame but also reshaped his vision, embedding surrealism into every fiber of his creations.

His artwork stands as a testament to his intense relationship with dreams. The labyrinths and mazes that recur in his pieces symbolize the intricate pathways of the subconscious. To Monarch, dreams feel like navigating these multifaceted corridors, where each turn can reveal another layer of the psyche. This is not mere art—it’s a reconstruction of the dreamscape, a guide into the maze of our minds.


In his acclaimed Dream State Series 2, subtitled “Road Maps to the Dream State—Time, Movement, and Connections,” Monarch delves deep into the spirit of transformation. This series isn’t just about dreams—it’s an exploration of their influences, connections, and the serendipities that have graced his nocturnal adventures. It challenges viewers to confront their preconceived notions about reality, urging them to embrace the endless possibilities of the dream world.

His paintings, with their blend of reality and dreamlike imagery, provide a fresh perspective on surrealism. They offer an insightful, often jarring juxtaposition of the known and the unknown. Each piece is a narrative, a slice of a dream, holding messages that linger long after one wakes up, pushing boundaries and redefining perceptions.

Yet, the true magic lies in Monarch’s ability to make these dreams relatable. Though deeply personal, there is a universal quality to his work—a reminder that we all dream, and within these dreams, we can find profound truths about ourselves and the world around us.

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Monarch’s art isn’t just for viewing—it’s an experience. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey through the corridors of our subconscious, guided by the meticulous strokes of his brush and the vivid hues of his palette. As you immerse yourself in the world of initiumart, remember Monarch’s intent: to serve as a bridge between waking life and the dream state, where reality and fantasy coalesce in harmonious splendor.

For those who wish to journey further into the world of Nicholas Monarch and initiumart, the door stands open. All you need is a sense of wonder and the willingness to dream.

Visit his website at or follow his ethereal journeys on Instagram @artbynmonarch.

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