Olga Kabulniyazova: Orchestrating the Symphony of Success

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In the thriving cultural scene of Uzbekistan, one name resonates with the vibrancy of success: Olga Kabulniyazova. Born in Tashkent in 1986, her journey through the realm of music commenced early when, as a child, she persuaded her mother to buy a piano. Not long before, her inherent talent began to shine, progressing quickly through music school, then performing with school and music school choirs at state events.  

After pursuing her passion with the best teachers at the circus variety college, she entered the music industry with a bang. Invited by the producer of the famous Allo group, Olga became the ex-soloist of the popular vocal group Zero. The group’s achievements were impressive, including the release of a solo album and two national awards, “TARONA RECORDS,” such as “Discovery of the Year” (2004) and “Best Group of the Year” (2005).    

Having worked in the group for four years, Olga realized that her experience and work should be at more than just the level of the performer. After graduating from the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, Olga received a singing and vocal teacher degree. In 2017, Olga opened her private creative studio, “Vivace,” which means “bright” and “lively” in Italian. Here her career as a teacher and artistic director blossomed. The studio, accommodating more than 100 children, offered vocal, dance and acting training, and Olga herself was a certified vocal teacher.    

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Olga put a great love and reverent attitude to each student in her work. Together with her team of teachers, Olga developed special programs to improve the quality of education for students of all ages. In June 2018, Olga organized a large charity concert with her students. This concert was timed to coincide with “Children’s Day,” with the support of the Youth Union; the show was held in the center of the capital in the famous Palace of Youth Creativity.   

Olga worked hard and began to often perform with students at various concerts, filming for television competitions. Under the leadership of Olga, about five large-scale concerts were organized with performances by her students dedicated to such holidays as New Year, Children’s Day, International Women’s Day, the national holiday of Navruz, and the musical “The Snow Queen.” 

Olga was often invited to television filming with her students on a program called “The First Step,” where she shared her experience and the development of her school. Also, Olga Kabulniyazova’s students took part in the filming of the New Year’s program on the MY5 TV channel along with Uzbek pop stars. With more than twenty years of experience, Olga Kabulniyazova is not only a successful singer and artistic director but also a passionate teacher. Her influence is evident in the accolades and successes of her students, as well as in the gratitude received from respected individuals and organizations.  

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However, Olga’s mission goes beyond her professional achievements. By volunteering her time to teach gifted students, she helped nurture the next generation of artists. Because of her dedication, some of these students have become international champions. Olga Kabulniyazova’s path embodies the name of her studio – Vivace. Every day she continues to discover the bright and alive in herself and her students, illuminating the world of music with her undeniable passion and skill. 

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