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One Life: Harry Kappen’s Breath of Musical Freshness Was Released December 1st Release

One Life: Harry Kappen's Breath of Musical Freshness Was Released December 1st Release
Photo Credit: Harry Kappen

Get ready for a musical treat as Dutch music maestro Harry Kappen, has released his brand-new song, ‘One Life’, on December 1, 2023. This captivating new single is the inaugural precursor to his forthcoming full-length album, also christened ‘One Life,’ expected to be unveiled early in the ensuing year.

‘One Life’ is not just another song. It’s a beautifully crafted ballad with a magnetic allure, perfectly fitting for these times of introspection and bonding. Kappen’s lyrical yearning for love, light, and warmth in a world crowded with confusion and strife is evocative and soul-stirring. A resonant clarion call, it implores listeners to treasure each moment, making the song more than just a pleasing piece of music.

Harry Kappen is no novice to the music world. The seasoned musician is a multi-instrumentalist and producer par excellence with a formidable portfolio of experience to his name. His music style is refreshingly diverse, echoing influences from venerated artists, including Paul McCartney, David Bowie, and Radiohead. The resulting unique fusion of rock, funk, and pop sets Kappen apart in the music landscape, showcasing an adaptable talent that’s both exciting and enlightening.

Performing solo is only a part of Kappen’s musical journey. His dynamic skills extend to the field of music therapy, where he utilizes his talents to aid troubled adolescents and families grappling with diverse dilemmas. His transformative techniques, often described as making “patterns audible and curable through the power of music,” have won him plaudits. It’s a testament to the healing quality of music, accentuating Kappen’s multifaceted abilities.

Kappen’s journey as a solo artist has been marked by significant successes. Earlier singles, namely ‘Not all of us agreed’ and ‘The Freedom Inside,’ were warmly received, registering over 140,000 and 220,000 streams on Spotify, respectively. With the impending release of ‘One Life,’ it is safe to predict that Kappen is on a trajectory to expand his growing fan community and enhance his stature in the Dutch music circuit.

Just out on December 1, 2023, ‘One Life’ holds all the promise of a musical gem, with high expectations from enthusiasts and critics alike. But that’s just the beginning. Stay agog for more riveting rhythms from Harry Kappen as he unveils his full-length album, ‘One Life,’ slated for release at the start of 2024. It’s a musical banquet in the making.

As we anticipate the lyrical treat that Kappen’s ‘One Life’ promises to be, it’s the perfect time to delve more into the world of this extraordinary musician. Visit his website at for more insights into his remarkable journey, the influences that shaped his music, the depth of his songwriting, and everything in between. It’s a perfect peek into this gifted musician’s world before the next big hit saturates the airwaves.

‘One Life’ delivers a powerful message bathed in beautiful melodies, a song that speaks to the soul. Get set to embrace a wave of love, light, and warmth the Harry Kappen way. It’s more than just a song. It’s an experience.

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