Peachkids: The Flavorful Sound of the Midwest in Hollywood

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If you’re tired of the same old, same old in the music industry, then you need to check out Peachkids. This LA-based duo is bringing their own unique flavor to the pop and hip-hop scene, and it’s a taste that you won’t forget.

Peachkids is made up of two artists who come from broken homes and blue-collar backgrounds in the heart of the Midwest. Growing up, they found solace in music, and it became a powerful tool for them to heal from their own struggles with self-doubt, depression, and anxiety. Now, they’re using that same tool to help others who may be going through similar experiences.

Their music is a blend of traditional pop and hip-hop, but with a twist. They describe it as “peach-flavored,” and that’s a pretty accurate description. It’s sweet, it’s tangy, it’s a little bit sour, but most of all, it’s refreshing. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to dance and sing along, but it also has a deeper meaning that speaks to the human experience.

One of their most popular tracks, “Streetkids vol. 2,” addresses the issue of domestic abuse and cruelty towards women, and it’s a powerful statement against the status quo. Peachkids aren’t afraid to speak out about important issues, and they’re not afraid to ruffle feathers in the process.

What’s most impressive about Peachkids is that they do everything themselves. They produce, write, mix, and master their own music, create their own album art and promo videos, and handle their own business. They’ve built their own studio, the “Peach Pad,” from scratch, using credit cards and sheer determination. They’ve never taken no for an answer, and they’ve never let anyone tell them they can’t do something.

Their work ethic and dedication to their craft is evident in their music, which is polished and professional. But it’s also infused with a rawness and authenticity that comes from their personal experiences. They’re not afraid to be vulnerable, and that vulnerability is what makes their music so relatable.

Peachkids is more than just a music group. They’re a movement, a mission statement, a philosophy. They embody the idea that you can start from nothing and build something great, that hard work pays off, and that you can make a difference in the world. They’re a reminder that music can be more than just entertainment – it can be a force for change.

So if you’re looking for something new and exciting in the music world, give Peachkids a listen. Their flavorful sound and inspiring message are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Listen to Peachkids on Spotify and follow them on Instagram.

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