Philly Singer, Mia Cefalo, Releases New Song With Important Message

Mia Cefalo
Photo Credited to: Mia Cefalo

For emerging artist Mia Cefalo, music isn’t just about the melodies and rhythms. It’s a channel through which she finds her voice and connects with the world. After a long journey through self-struggle, workplace bullying, and discouragement, Cefalo emerges stronger than ever, offering listeners a heart-wrenching song that navigates the complexities of grief and heartache. The Philadelphia-based singer’s latest single, “Memory of You,” is set to release on September 23rd and promises to strike an emotional chord with audiences.

“I believe I have a unique story,” Cefalo shared, recalling her entry into the world of music creation. Stranded in a world paused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cefalo and her fiancé, Luke Bernardi, began writing songs together in 2020. With their careers at a standstill—Cefalo had been laid off, and Bernardi’s work in the wedding industry had dried up—they transformed their Philly basement into a studio of musical experimentation.

However, experimentation doesn’t necessarily lead linearly to success. In fact, it often leads to failure. Cefalo experienced this first-hand. Initially gravitating toward country music, her early releases failed to captivate audiences. As a result, she stepped back from releasing music for a time. “I started to hate writing and was just discouraged in general,” she admitted.

Mia Cefalo

Photo Credited to: Mia Cefalo

Yet, one day, a song penned by Bernardi renewed her enthusiasm. “Let’s please record that right now,” she recalled telling him. Enlisting the talents of their college friend and producer, Sam Carlen, they created “Memory of You.” The song weaves rock, country, and pop influences into a cathartic narrative. Determined to commit fully to her art, Cefalo quit her dead-end job in May 2023 and dove into producing a music video for the song.

When asked about her career highlights, Cefalo remarked, “‘Memory of You’ is set to be my tenth released song, which is a big accomplishment in my eyes.” Recently, she joined a Philly party/wedding band, adding another dimension to her rapidly expanding portfolio.

However, before her pivot to music and current accomplishments, Mia graduated in 2019 with a BFA in musical theatre. Her passion for musical theater started in high school and resulted in her being bullied for being a “weird theatre kid.” Additionally, Mia struggled and was made fun of because of her learning challenges. Yet, ultimately, she followed her musical calling and prevailed. Her transition from theatre to music wasn’t just about changing professions. It was about an evolution from her old self to her new self.

“Recording and releasing songs gave me a new sense of confidence,” she said, emphasizing the transformative power of her artistic journey.

Her wisdom for others is compelling: “If anyone, or any group of people, makes you feel like you are not good enough, do not listen to them. Keep going because it’s so worth sharing your gifts with the world. You are gonna be okay, and it’s all going to work out. Your dreams are so worth reaching for.”

Looking ahead, Cefalo has ambitions of touring and further establishing herself in the rock/country genre. “Most importantly, I really want people to listen and be inspired by my music,” she says, eyes set firmly on the future.

Mark your calendars for September 23rd, when “Memory of You” will be available on all streaming platforms. With pre-saves starting on September 21st, this heartfelt track promises to mark a new chapter in Mia Cefalo’s emerging career.

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