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Renowned Classical Music Artist Anna Goryacheva to Release New Single and Highly-Anticipated Debut Album

Currently one of the most promising names in the classical music landscape, Anna Goryacheva is, once again, out to captivate listeners worldwide with her new single “I’m Going to Make a Cake” on May 7th. Her latest project is the solo recordings featuring the music of Philip Glass. She is also working on a forthcoming debut album called SUMMER NIGHTS, built around the works of Chopin, Satie, Debussy, Liszt, and Glass.

Born in Russia, Anna Goryacheva is recognized worldwide as a soloist classical music performer, characterized by her deep musical expression, artistry, technique, and charismatic emotions while performing on stage. She has performed in front of some of the biggest audiences in the world across Russia, the United States, and Europe. Her unrivaled performances have also been amplified on radio and television stations in various countries, including Hungary, Lithuania, and Sweden. 

Even in the early years of her career, Anna Goryacheva received multiple grants from renowned music foundations, such as New Names and Young Talents of Russia, for her contributions to culture and arts. Since then, she has led an impressive life, acquiring scholarships to prestigious schools and even studying under the guidance of world-renowned pianist Daniel Pollack. 

Anna Goryacheva has loved classical music all her life. At seven years old, she began her studies at the Kaliningrad Special Music School for gifted children affiliated with the Kaliningrad State Music College. At age nine, she had her first breakthrough in the classical music landscape when she made her orchestral debut in Hungary. The following year, she held her first philharmonic recital, playing Mozart’s Concerto No. 23 with the Kaliningrad State Symphony Orchestra and appeared as a soloist with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavel Berman on tour across Eastern Europe.

Ready to conquer new heights, Anna Goryacheva aims to expand her fanbase with her new single and debut album. 

“When you hear Philip Glass’ pieces, you’ll probably come up with your own picture. I felt very free and open in terms of interpretation, and as an artist, I enjoyed this freedom of being creative while performing this piece, as I could fully express myself,” said Anna Goryacheva. “This piece is based on repetitive sounds and rhythms, an excellent example of Glass and the minimalist style. Once I heard this piece, I immediately felt that something had moved in me. From a distance, you can sense the atmosphere, mood, and the colors of the harmonies. The hypnotic, repressive, incrementally unfurling nature of Glass’ music makes it gorgeous and moving; its simplicity and emotion behind it reflect today’s uncertain times. It gives you strength to keep going,” the classical music creative added.

On top of enriching her innate talent for classical music, Anna Goryacheva is also honing her entrepreneurial passion as the brains behind the Elite Piano Institute, a piano school known for reaching young, talented pianists and coaching piano teachers in the United States and abroad. The institute offers a broad range of instruction, including piano lessons, coaching, hosting piano festivals and competitions, and organizing music events, recitals, master classes, and workshops.

For her many contributions to the music industry and piano expertise, Anna Goryacheva was recently featured in Brainz Magazine’s global list of 500 entrepreneurs, leaders, educators, and business owners.

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