Rising Music Artist, Entrepreneur, and Influencer Holy Righteous.Tfv Is Expected to Make Waves

There is no doubt the up-and-coming hip-hop artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, and influencer Holy Righteous.Tfv is a hit-maker. Doing collaborations is one of his many strengths, and as such, the rapper partnered with his TFVCamp music group to create a remix that attracted a staggering 217,000 views within a 24-hour window from the time it was released. When it comes to creating new versions of an existing song or simply releasing a new one, Holy Righteous.Tfv  is a powerful force to reckon with. 

The famous viral remix of Tyga’s original song titled “Temperature” became a crucial turning point in Holy Righteous.Tfv career after its release in 2018. Apart from working with his own music group, God child was also part of the promising collaboration of exceptional talents. It became a trending sensation and eventually hit the number 1 spot on several music charts. The remix did not only create exciting waves across the country; it also became a hit internationally. 

The “Temperature” remix also made the rapper and songwriter an instant hit. The same year it was released, Holy Righteous.Tfv was named Best New Rap Artist, Most Popular New Rap Artist, and the Most Top Streamed Independent Artist on Apple and Spotify. The following year, he was awarded 2019 Top Independent Artist with the Most Streams by Apple and Spotify.

Holy Righteous.Tfv  also hosts his own program via Stationhead as King Holy. His segment is called Fresh Subway Thursday’s, an avenue where he spreads positivity, inspires listeners to pursue their purpose, and blesses others with impactful messages. Through his program, the rapper speaks about his personal experiences and how he overcame obstacles in the past with the hopes of encouraging listeners not to let their past hurts rule over them. He supports and love to display other music artist and guest speakers on his show segments and If you are looking to join his show and panel all is welcome. His charismatic nature and ability to connect with his audience generated multiple awards for the program. 

Aside from being a highly talented rapper and songwriter, Holy Righteous.Tfv also has the makings of a successful entrepreneur as he conducts his business in a unique manner. For him, possessing compassion is very important when growing a business. Selling his #TFVcamp shirts are also partly a fundraising initiative to help poor families, homeless people, jobless individuals, and anyone who is hungry. His compassion for underprivileged members of society is deeply rooted in his soul, inspiring him to create advocacies that will keep as many people as he can off the streets and well-fed at the same time. 

Holy Righteous.Tfv is also a passionate sneaker designer. He finished a degree in Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Creating unique designs for wearable sneakers that people can use on a regular basis is another form of self-expression for him aside from creating his songs. Whenever he is not doing some songwriting, people close to him will easily find him working with a pen and pencil and giving life to his creative ideas. 

Learn more about Holy Righteous.Tfv by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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