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Rising Swedish Rock Musician Simon Andersson Wins Dual Nominations at 2023 World Entertainment Awards

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Hailing from Malmö, the gifted Swedish artist, songwriter, and producer Simon Andersson has earned nominations in two prominent categories at the upcoming World Entertainment Awards 2023, solidifying his standing on the global stage.

The World Entertainment Awards, an international celebration and award show held annually in Hollywood times to run alongside the Grammy Awards, is a celebration of excellence in the global entertainment industry. Simon Andersson is in contention for the titles “Best Rock Song” and “Best Newcomer” in the rock category for his composition “Try.”

Simon Andersson’s “Try” is a musical masterpiece that embraces the essence of resilience, encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams fearlessly. With electric guitar, synth, and dynamic drums, the song radiates a vibrant energy.

From the first note, “Try” is an uplifting tune that serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that anything is possible if we dare to try. Simon Andersson’s vocals exude genuine emotion that guides us through a journey of self-belief. In the hook, Simon croons, “All you got to do is try. It’s a long way out, but we can just enjoy the ride. Don’t be disheartened, all you got to do is try.” These lyrics serve as a battle cry. It urges us to embrace our challenges with optimism.

Simon’s artistic journey commenced at a young age, appearing on TV before he was even in high school and clinching his first musical prize in his early teens. After graduation, he pursued his passion for music production at the Malmö Academy of Music, laying the foundation for his future professional success.

Simon Andersson

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In 2013, Simon transcended and stepped beyond the insulated Swedish music scene, earning a nomination for “Best Song of the Year” at the Hollywood Music Media Awards. His subsequent victory at the prestigious Fonda Theatre was an important milestone, leading to live performances on American TV and chart-topping success with “How Did I Get Her” and “City Nights,” which showcased his songwriting ability. Simon’s band also graced the stage at Nashville’s renowned CMA Festival two years in a row, winning fans who still follow his work today.

Simon Andersson’s musical influences span from the early days of rock’n’roll to the modern music scene, adding to his range as an artist and producer. On February 2, the World Entertainment Award ceremony in Hollywood will witness Simon’s high-energy, charisma-soaked live performance of the nominated song “Try.”

Simon Andersson

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Wrapping up 2023 and stepping into 2024, Simon is captivating audiences with sold-out Christmas shows alongside Måns Möller and Linda Varg at Sweden’s popular Luftkastellet, not far from Malmö. Additionally, he takes pride in founding and producing the successful South Ocean Festival, now in its second year, in Malmö’s Sibbarp. This summer’s lineup features musicians from Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Explore Simon’s nominated song, “Try,” at this link.

Simon Andersson

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Stay in touch with the latest news from Simon Andersson at his official website,, and check out all of the winners and contenders of the World Entertainment Awards at

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