Rising Swedish Rock Musician Simon Andersson Wins Dual Nominations at 2023 World Entertainment Awards

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Hailing from Malmö, the gifted Swedish artist, songwriter, and producer Simon Andersson has earned nominations in two prominent categories at the upcoming World Entertainment Awards 2023, solidifying his standing on the global stage.

The World Entertainment Awards, an international celebration and award show held annually in Hollywood times to run alongside the Grammy Awards, is a celebration of excellence in the global entertainment industry. Simon Andersson is in contention for the titles “Best Rock Song” and “Best Newcomer” in the rock category for his composition “Try.”

Simon Andersson’s “Try” is a musical masterpiece that embraces the essence of resilience, encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams fearlessly. With electric guitar, synth, and dynamic drums, the song radiates a vibrant energy.

From the first note, “Try” is an uplifting tune that serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us that anything is possible if we dare to try. Simon Andersson’s vocals exude genuine emotion that guides us through a journey of self-belief. In the hook, Simon croons, “All you got to do is try. It’s a long way out, but we can just enjoy the ride. Don’t be disheartened, all you got to do is try.” These lyrics serve as a battle cry. It urges us to embrace our challenges with optimism.

Simon’s artistic journey commenced at a young age, appearing on TV before he was even in high school and clinching his first musical prize in his early teens. After graduation, he pursued his passion for music production at the Malmö Academy of Music, laying the foundation for his future professional success.

Simon Andersson

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In 2013, Simon transcended and stepped beyond the insulated Swedish music scene, earning a nomination for “Best Song of the Year” at the Hollywood Music Media Awards. His subsequent victory at the prestigious Fonda Theatre was an important milestone, leading to live performances on American TV and chart-topping success with “How Did I Get Her” and “City Nights,” which showcased his songwriting ability. Simon’s band also graced the stage at Nashville’s renowned CMA Festival two years in a row, winning fans who still follow his work today.

Simon Andersson’s musical influences span from the early days of rock’n’roll to the modern music scene, adding to his range as an artist and producer. On February 2, the World Entertainment Award ceremony in Hollywood will witness Simon’s high-energy, charisma-soaked live performance of the nominated song “Try.”

Simon Andersson

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Wrapping up 2023 and stepping into 2024, Simon is captivating audiences with sold-out Christmas shows alongside Måns Möller and Linda Varg at Sweden’s popular Luftkastellet, not far from Malmö. Additionally, he takes pride in founding and producing the successful South Ocean Festival, now in its second year, in Malmö’s Sibbarp. This summer’s lineup features musicians from Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Explore Simon’s nominated song, “Try,” at this link.

Simon Andersson

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Stay in touch with the latest news from Simon Andersson at his official website, www.simonandersson.net, and check out all of the winners and contenders of the World Entertainment Awards at www.wea.earth/video.

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Ludlow Creek’s Heartfelt Comeback: Unveiling the New Single ‘Rock for a Heart’

By: James Henderson 

Brace yourself, for Ludlow Creek, the renowned roots rock band, is back with their newest single, marvelously titled “Rock for a Heart.” Scheduled for release on January 12th, 2024, this single shines amidst the band’s striking discography as the second track off their forthcoming album, planned to hit the scenes by this summer.

“Rock for a Heart” is not just another melodic piece; instead, it stands as a formidable and stirring track that delves deep into the hardships endured by men who grow up with toughened hearts. The song elucidates the often understated necessity for these men to seek assistance in mollifying their hearts and embracing emotional vulnerability – a theme hitting close to home for many listeners.

The inception of this masterpiece took place during the band’s writing retreat in the country music capital, Nashville. The retreat bore exceptional fruit as this marked the first instance where Ludlow Creek convened to work on their music collaboratively. It was a team effort where the entire band came together to write the music while Jeffrey Friend, the drummer and vocalist, penned down the profound lyrics. As the arrangement unfolded, Dave Benson, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, conceived the unforgettable bridge, “chipped away the stone,” thereby infusing the track with its defining aura.

This latest release not only showcases Ludlow Creek’s undying artistic spirit but also stands testimony to their journey of acclaim. The band’s earlier creations have tasted success time and again – their single, “Stoney Lonesome Road,” ascended to #51 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart, and “The Catacombs” broke into the Top 50. In the light of the festive spirit, their Christmas single, “This Baby Boy,” scaled to #1 on the Christian iTunes chart. Moreover, Ludlow Creek received accolades at the 2022 and 2023 International Singer Songwriter Association Awards. With a whopping 400K Spotify streams, the band has cultivated a devoted fan base that eagerly awaits their every move.

Given this legacy, one can rightfully anticipate more compelling and inspirational tracks from Ludlow Creek’s forthcoming album. While the album sees an early 2024 release, fans can indulge in the enthralling “Rock for a Heart” across all leading streaming platforms post its January release.

Ludlow Creek’s journey personifies their unyielding dedication to music. It is a journey strewn with harmonious odysseys and accomplished milestones. It is the tale of a band, the oeuvre of artists who have time and again poured their hearts into their creative endeavors. “Rock for a Heart” is not just another addition to this tale—it is another heartfelt chapter etched on the canvas of their musical voyage. And as fans, we hang on every note, every word, every beat, witnessing the magic unfold.

For more insights on Ludlow Creek’s journey and updates on their forthcoming single and album release, one can visit their official website at www.ludlowcreek.com. After all, the stage is set, the strings are strummed, and the melodies are in the offing. Ludlow Creek is all set to rock for a heart, and it promises to be a heartful ride.

Landlord Insurance Scotland: An Essential Guide for Property Owners

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By: Landlord Insurance Scotland

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on landlord insurance in Scotland. As a landlord, your property is not just a physical asset but also a significant financial investment. Ensuring it’s properly protected is crucial. This guide aims to provide you with all the necessary information about landlord insurance, covering why it’s essential, what it includes, its costs, and much more.

Why Landlords in Scotland Need Insurance

Landlord insurance is tailored to address the distinct challenges of owning rental property, serving as a safety net against unforeseen events that could affect your income and property. From accidental damage to legal costs, it’s a crucial safeguard for your investment.

The Risks of Being Uninsured

Without proper insurance, landlords face significant financial risks. These include potential property damage, legal disputes with tenants, and loss of rental income due to property unavailability. Landlord insurance mitigates these risks, offering peace of mind and financial security.

Understanding Different Types of Landlord Insurance Cover

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is a fundamental aspect of landlord insurance. It covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your rental property if it’s damaged by events like fire, storm, or flood. This type of insurance is crucial to ensure the structural integrity and value of your property.

Contents Insurance

If your rental property is furnished, contents insurance is essential. It covers the cost of replacing or repairing household items and appliances provided by you, the landlord, in case of damage or theft.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is another vital component, protecting landlords against claims of personal injury or property damage made by tenants or visitors. This cover is crucial for legal protection and can save landlords from substantial legal costs.

Accidental Damage and Rent Guarantee

Accidental damage cover provides protection against unexpected mishaps, like a tenant accidentally putting a foot through the ceiling. Rent guarantee insurance, on the other hand, covers loss of rent, ensuring your income stream remains steady, especially during periods when the property is uninhabitable.

The Cost of Landlord Insurance in Scotland

Factors Affecting Insurance Cost

The cost of landlord insurance varies depending on several factors:

  1. Property Size and Location: Larger properties or those in areas with higher crime rates typically have higher premiums.
  2. Type of Tenants: Properties rented to students or tenants on housing benefits may attract higher premiums due to perceived increased risks.
  3. Level of Coverage: Opting for additional covers like legal expenses or loss of rent insurance can increase the cost.

Comparing Insurance Quotes

It’s advisable to compare quotes from different insurance providers to ensure you get the best deal. Using a comparison site can simplify this process, allowing you to evaluate various policies side by side.

Legal Requirements and Regulations

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

Landlords must comply with fire safety regulations, ensuring their properties are safe for tenants. This compliance is not only a legal obligation but also affects insurance policies, as insurers often require proof of adherence to safety standards.

Legal Obligations for Landlords

In Scotland, landlords have certain legal obligations they must fulfill, such as ensuring the property is habitable and safe. While landlord insurance is not a legal requirement, it is a practical necessity to protect against the financial implications of these obligations.

Protecting Your Property and Rental Income

Safeguarding Against Unforeseen Events

Protecting your property and rental income involves more than just physical maintenance. Landlord insurance plays a crucial role in this protection, offering coverage for insured events that could disrupt your rental income, like property damage or tenant disputes.

The Importance of Customizing Your Insurance Policy

Every rental property is unique, and so are the risks associated with it. Customizing your landlord insurance policy to suit your specific needs is vital. This may involve adding covers like unoccupied property insurance or specialist landlord insurance for properties with multiple occupations.

Landlord insurance in Scotland is an indispensable tool for property owners. It provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of risks associated with renting out properties. Understanding the various aspects of landlord insurance and choosing the right policy can give you peace of mind and ensure the long-term security of your investment.

Delving Deeper into Landlord Insurance Coverages and Costs

In this section, we’ll explore in more detail the various components of landlord insurance in Scotland, focusing on the costs associated with different types of coverages and the importance of each in protecting your rented property.

Breaking Down Landlord Insurance Costs

How Much Does Landlord Insurance Cost?

Landlord insurance costs in Scotland vary based on factors like property type, location, chosen covers, and risk level. Striking a balance between affordability and necessary protection is crucial for your specific situation.

Factors Influencing the Cost

  1. Type of Property: Premiums can differ for residential properties versus commercial properties.
  2. Location: Properties in high-risk areas, such as flood zones or areas with high crime rates, may incur higher premiums.
  3. Specific Coverages: Opting for additional covers like accidental damage or property owners’ liability can increase the cost.

Essential Insurance Coverages for Landlords

Landlord Buildings Insurance

Landlord buildings insurance is essential for protecting the physical structure of your rental property. This cover is crucial in case of structural damages due to insured events like fires or natural disasters.

Accidental Damage Cover

Accidental damage cover provides an extra layer of protection for unforeseen mishaps that can occur during tenancy, such as broken windows or damaged fixtures. It’s an important consideration, especially if your property is furnished or has high-value items.

Property Owners’ Liability

Property owners’ liability is a must-have for any landlord. It covers legal costs and damages if someone is injured or their property is damaged and you are deemed liable. This cover is crucial for protecting yourself against potentially expensive legal claims.

Protecting Your Rental Property

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

Adhering to fire safety regulations is not only a legal requirement but also essential for protecting your property and tenants. Insurance providers often require proof of compliance, and failure to adhere can lead to denied claims.

Customizing Your Policy

Every rental property is unique, and your insurance needs will be too. Customizing your policy to include covers like rented property insurance, commercial property insurance, or specialized landlord insurance ensures that you are adequately protected against the specific risks associated with your property.

The Importance of Having Your Own Insurance

Even if you have other forms of insurance, such as home insurance, having a dedicated landlord insurance policy is crucial. Own insurance for landlords is specifically designed to cover the unique risks associated with renting out a property, which standard home insurance policies do not typically cover.

Understanding the costs and coverages of landlord insurance in Scotland is crucial for safeguarding your investment. The right insurance ensures protection against various risks, securing both your property and financial well-being.


Landlord insurance in Scotland is not just a contractual requirement for many property owners; it’s a practical necessity to protect your investment and income. By understanding the various aspects of insurance covers, landlords can ensure comprehensive protection against the diverse risks of property rental.