Sarantos Spreads Holiday Cheer with New Christmas Single: The Time (For Miracles)
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Sarantos Spreads Holiday Cheer with New Christmas Single: The Time (For Miracles)

By: John Crane

The gift of music never goes out of season and Chicago native, Sarantos, is delivering a package full of hope and miracles this festive season. On November 20th, 2023, Sarantos released his much-anticipated Christmas single “The Time (For Miracles)”. The single is part of his album, “Somethin’ to Believe In,” which conveniently saw its release on the same day – a perfect early Christmas gift for his fans.

Coming on the back of three Top 10 UK iTunes hit singles and two additional Top 40 hits, Sarantos’ album marks another high in his flourishing career. Tracks from his collection have clocked up stellar streaming numbers, favorably racking more than 300,000 plays.

“The Time (For Miracles)” is an easy-listening Christmas song that showcases the artist’s talent for capturing the pulse of the holiday season through heartfelt melodies and evocative lyrics. With its gentle, uplifting tune and inspiring message of hope, the song is wave upon wave of comfort and cheer, and an essential addition to any holiday playlist.

Those familiar with Sarantos’ oeuvre, characteristically a blend of 80s rock and modern pop, will find the signature stylings in “The Time (For Miracles)”. Renowned for his soulful vocals and exquisite songwriting skills, Sarantos has been likened to musical luminaries such as the Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber. The song is an endearing nod to the possibility of miracles, aptly released to echo the season’s atmosphere of hope and joy.

The release underlines Sarantos’ continued dedication to his unique music project, which has seen him producing a new song, lyric video, music video, book chapter, and poem every single month for the past 11 years. His unwavering commitment and musical prowess have bagged him a sleigh-load of awards and nominations, including recognition for the prestigious Grammy Award.

The artist has strummed the chords of his audience’s hearts not just with his music, but also with powerful quotes. Speaking of his new single, Sarantos shared, “Its message of hope and belief in miracles is something that everyone can relate to, especially during the holiday season.” This quote surely resonates with the warmth that this festive season ushers in.

Outside the realm of creating new music, Sarantos hosts the popular Songwriters Show on Reality Radio. Through this platform, he showcases his music alongside other gifted artists. Beyond this, his melodious tunes extend their reach, with the show being syndicated on over 60 channels, including high-profile platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, and iTunes.

For those keen on having Sarantos’ serenades at their fingertips, his music is accessible on all major streaming platforms. Fans can also eagerly anticipate his surprise instrumental CD, released annually in November. For more information on Sarantos’ musical journey and upcoming projects, do visit his official website at

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With the unveiling of “The Time (For Miracles)”, Sarantos serves a timely reminder that the magic of the season extends beyond the twinkling lights and decked halls. It’s about hope, miracles, and the joy music brings, ringing in our hearts long after the festive season has passed.

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