Photo Credit: Scotty Austin
Photo Credit: Scotty Austin

Scotty Austin’s Triumphant Return with “Lucifer’s Rain (The Bad One Is Back)”

When you think of rock legends that have not only shaped the genre but also continue to breathe fresh life into it, Scotty Austin certainly stands tall. The former frontman of the internationally recognized platinum rock band Saving Abel, known for their sensation “Addicted”, is not resting on past laurels. Scotty’s recent release, “Lucifer’s Rain (The Bad One Is Back)”, proves he’s still a powerhouse in the world of rock.

This brand-new single, which dropped on July 10, 2023, is a hard rock reimagining of Stevie B’s original “Lucifer’s Rain”. With a twist to the lyrics and a modern rock spin, Scotty’s version is already creating waves across mainstream radio, college radio, and public radio in the US and Canada. A mere six weeks post-release, it’s being played on a staggering 156 radio stations. Notable mentions include WLUW Chicago, CBC Toronto, M3 Radio Brooklyn, where it’s topped the Heavy chart, and stations like KEXP Seattle and KUIW San Antonio.


The artistic integrity and production quality of the song are heightened by the genius of multi-platinum producer Malcolm Springer. Springer’s touch from Nashville, TN combined with Scotty’s vocals is nothing short of magic. It’s a partnership that promises fans more chart-topping hits in the future. Stryker Records took the wise decision to release this gem, and its distribution is in the capable hands of Ingrooves, a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group Company.

However, the captivating melodies and powerful vocals are just one side of Scotty Austin. Beyond the microphone and stage lights, he’s a dedicated family man, valuing the time he spends with his two children. His personal life is as rich and fulfilling as his professional career. In 2019, before the world changed with the pandemic, Scotty married his partner of almost seven years, Courtney, in a beautiful ceremony on the sandy beaches of Jamaica. Their shared love for beaches has taken them around the world, from different vacation spots to a music-headlining cruise to Mexico in 2022.

His journey from being the lead of Saving Abel to now being a solo rock sensation has been nothing short of spectacular. After leaving Saving Abel, Scotty’s solo career saw him touring over 30 states. His rendition of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” is proof of his undying spirit, as it ranked #23 on the Billboard Indicator chart and #13 on the foundation charts. He’s been the headline act at major biker rallies, including Thunder in the Hill and Sturgis Bike Rally.

More than just his music, Scotty is passionate about giving back to the community. He’s been a strong supporter of charity events, such as the one in Hillsboro, ND, where proceeds went to the local food pantry, and the notable Duck Duck Jeep Invasion. Such acts cement his reputation not only as a phenomenal artist but as a compassionate human being.

In the ever-evolving world of rock music, Scotty Austin is a beacon of consistency and innovation. His recent single is evidence that his journey is far from over. In fact, it’s a new chapter, with the promise of more soul-stirring rock music for fans worldwide. As the world gears up for more from this rock luminary, one thing is clear: Scotty Austin is here to stay.

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