Sierra Coleman Ministries: Unwavering Faith Against All Odds

Difficult circumstances can come up in one’s life that may make anyone feel like their burden is too heavy. Sierra Coleman found that the antidote to that heaviness and negativity is faith in God and trusting His grace and mercy. After going through many challenges in life, Sierra Coleman established Sierra Coleman Ministries to welcome more people into God’s loving and forgiving embrace. Since then, her ministry has grown and attracted more people to deepen their faith.

Sierra Coleman has become an unlikely minister, but she trusts that God works in mysterious ways and that He uses imperfect people to spread His Word.

“I had a tough past,” Coleman recalled, “Depression and suicide were a part of my journey. I was also exposed to the culture of gangs and drugs. I went through some very hard times, but I never gave up even though I wanted to. Then I heard God’s voice, and after he turned my life around for the better, I decided to heed his call. He delivered me from jail, gangs, and drug abuse. I knew then that I could not escape God and that my purpose was to prevent others from going on the same difficult journey I had. God had better plans for me, and I knew that I had it in me to encourage others to live better lives.”

The Founder of Sierra Coleman Ministries is a firm believer in deliverance, breakthroughs, and miracles. “How could I not be,” she asked, “when I have witnessed God’s hand in my life?” As a whole, Sierra Coleman’s ministry emphasizes faith, hope, and restoration. She and her followers are a ministry of encouragement. Coleman explained, “We operate in signs, miracles, and the wonders of God that He has seen fit to communicate through me.”

Following her battles with depression and suicide, Sierra Coleman understands how much faith can help others who are still suicidal, depressed, or discouraged. Sierra Coleman Ministries opens its doors especially for these individuals who may need more support from the Almighty. This ministry was made to empower those walking down a dark path in life. 

Only recently established in 2019, Sierra Coleman Ministries has grown to reach followers in Africa, India, and Asia. Being a ministry led by a younger generation, it serves to attract more young people into the grace of God.

She said, “We are not a typical church or ministry. We are uniquely designed to stand out and attract all walks of life. But at our core, we are a ministry hungry for the things of God.”

Through the power of prayer, Sierra Coleman Ministries has been a vessel for God’s deliverance. As a community, they have been able to heal the sick and lighten burdens. They have witnessed many miracles in their faith, bringing everyone closer to the light of Christ. 

Sierra Coleman Ministries was started by a woman who has been broken. Yet, despite all her mistakes and failures, she has turned her life around by the grace of God. And Sierra Coleman has used her second chance at life to spread faith, hope, and acceptance through God’s Word.

She said, “I want everyone to know that no matter how they have messed up, no matter what they have done, no matter what they are going through, God is always there for them. And this ministry is also here to support them as they revisit and reconnect with their faith.”

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