Simpatico: The Talented Artist Who Will Make You Fall in Love with Lo-Fi and R&b Music

Simpatico (real name Ruben Urena) is a South Los Angeles Musical artist and producer. Describing his style as ‘Lo-fi Electro-Chill R&B,’ the golden hour music, the young artist creates a dream world of sounds. It is a type of music that takes the listener to another level where he does not forget his problems one song at a time. Inspiring in his hometown, Simpatico’s music is beautiful and expressive. After a few years as a hobbyist, he decided to do his job for it in 2018. His first official single “Moonrise,” (2019) is a cool instrument with mindless vibrations in the atmosphere that are most appropriate at night in candlelight.

Ruben was introduced to the world of music at a young age, and his journey began. Like any other music lover, Urena’s journey began as a hobby. He often played while enjoying sunsets and cool nights. Music became his escape, and he did not know that he would become an Electronic producer and music artist in the future. His career began after finding a lo-fi or r&b and a house during his 20s. The spark led to a focus and dedication to something he loved so much.

His music often takes people away from their troubled heads and takes them to a world of luxury and music. Ruben has made a name for himself from thinking of music as a hobby to releasing songs that sing a few popular songs. The depth separates his music from all the hustle and bustle of the industry. For the past two years, Ruben has worked with some of the most popular names in the industry, including French producer LeDrips, a LA singer named Malsi, and others. In times of turmoil, the artist comes up with an excellent speech and an ear symphony.

In July 2019, the rising star came up with his first song called Moonrise which gave the audience nostalgic spacey vibes. It has been a favorite song of over 40K + listeners at one time or another. This encouraged him to spend more time in the area and the results came out in 2020. The years 2020 and 2021 were busy with effort, dedication, and some of the most remarkable achievements. He has released some great singles like, “I’m Tired of Playing”, “Jawline”, and “Tonight”. Of all the single songs he has released, “Tonight” is the most popular and hits the right songs of the authors. Ruben’s success was recognized and he had the opportunity to collaborate with developing French house producer LeDrips on “Miles Away” in 2020. His collaboration with LA singer Malsi on the song “Jawline” in 2020 was highly praised. In 2021, he also collaborated with the Honey + M. artist. In addition, he also collaborated with Duets’ (American television) singer Jason Farol on the song “Somewhere” released in January 2021.

Simpatico’s latest single, “Time ft. Sfundo,” is a lo-fi, sentimental track. Sfundo is a South African musician signed to UMG. “Time” is a track about reconnecting with a loved one after a long separation. The track’s components keep the listener interested in both the lyrics and the musical experience. It is a quiet, laid-back tempo with soothing vocals that recalls listeners relaxing in bed with their sweetheart. Simpatico does a fantastic job at establishing a friendly environment.

Keep up with Simpatico on Instagram and Facebook, and you can find his music on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and Google Play. And be sure to check him out on Instagram and send him some love for his tracks by visiting his website, or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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