Singer and Songwriter Lala Wright Bares Her Soul through Music

Behind all music is a story—not one that all listeners will readily hear as it’s often masked behind catchy lyrics and earworm tunes, but there’s a story nonetheless. As is the case with singer and songwriter Lala Wright. The musician bears her story to the music world as she gears up to introduce her brand of music to listeners everywhere.

Born and raised in Broward County, Florida, Jayla Wright, also better known by her musician name Lala, grew up falling in love with dance and music day by day. She spent time singing in church and never missed one Sunday. But, after years of growing her craft, she suddenly felt the pressure of the stage, causing her to shelf her talent for so many years.

“It pushed me away for years, so I did not think twice about singing again, but I did continue dancing,” shares Lala Wright. 

During her elementary, middle and high school years, she attended a performing arts school in Broward and focused mainly on dance as her specialty. She dived into all kinds of genres, including ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and some others. But her real passion was being part of the Majorette for the school’s band.

“The love I had was a great experience that was rekindled when I joined in high school, then I started to adventure out into baton twirling and competed in many competitions,” Wright shares. 

During one talent show, Lala came across singing again, but this time without the stage fright. At that moment, she knew that music was still in her. After that performance, someone approached the artist and offered her a chance to sing professionally, expressing confidence that Lala could become a music star. Despite her initial hesitations, Lala Wright decided to give it a shot. The rest is history. 

What sets Lala Wright’s music apart is where it comes from. Many people in the industry have noted her singing and music as evidently coming from an “original soul.” Lala is creative in her conceptualization and expression of that soul in her. Moreover, Wright remains extremely hungry for growth and improvement, always motivated to stay ahead of her game and become the best that she can be. Apart from her music, she still explores other forms of creative expression, including clothing design and writing. 

On stage, Lala Wright is what some have termed a “triple threat,” bringing together excellence in singing, dancing, and overall stage presence. She mainly performs pop R&B music and remains ready to entertain, pushed mainly by her desire to share her talent with her audience, knowing that it can bring joy. 

Lala Wright works endlessly to improve her craft and regularly network with other music professionals with whom she can create inspiring content. However, her comforting sound remains to be a source of solace for people looking for music that could speak to them in good and bad times. And Lala is more than willing to be that source of peace for those people. 

Lala continues to explore other genres and could well start experimenting with them soon. Learn more about the artist and listen to her music by visiting her on Soundcloud.

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