Singer Lexy Panterra Is Ready to Share Her Story With the World

Singer Lexy Panterra Is Ready to Share Her Story With the World
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Lexy Panterra knows she’s criminally underrated; it’s in her Instagram bio. She has been working hard to build her music career since she was seventeen and is more than ready to take the world by storm. With the release of her new EP, Tired of Waiting, Panterra is making her mark on the music industry. 

Born Alexis Afshar, Panterra is a dancer and singer from Sacramento, California. Growing up, she practiced several different types of dance, like jazz, hip-hop, and ballet. Her musical style was shaped by her enjoyment of many different genres and other artists from the same area, such as rapper Mozzy. At seventeen, Panterra joined a girl group for a short stint that kickstarted her career in music. She was featured on the song “New at 2” by DJ Felli Fel, which was played on the popular Bay Area radio station, Power 106. 

Since leaving the girl group and going solo, Panterra has racked up achievements like charting on Billboard’s Top 100 and gaining 500 million views on social media. Her song, “Bad Bitch”, is a trending sound on TikTok and Instagram reels. Panterra has 3.2 million followers on Instagram, including pop star Victoria Monet and rapper Tay Money.

Panterra faced her fair share of challenges breaking onto the music scene. Her video for Twerkout went viral on YouTube several years ago and led to her founding the Twerkout dance class, available on Panterra’s OnlyFans. Focusing on dance instead of her music career was never her plan, but Panterra found success teaching. Since returning to the music world, she found it difficult to get people to see her as a singer again. She is trying to break the mold set for her by the industry as a dancer. She also suffers from Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory gastrointestinal condition. She cites it as one of her greatest challenges, as it is always a struggle to care for her health and do her best work at the same time.

Despite these setbacks, Panterra is excited for the world to hear her new album, Tired of Waiting. On the EP, she expresses her desire to move on from challenges from her past. Another major theme on the EP is finding love. She says she is ready to find the love of her life and is tired of waiting!

Panterra opts for an R&B style on the album. She considers herself a multi-genre artist and is finding her own signature style. She has a rap alter-ego named Virgin Lex that she lets out on her more hip-hop-oriented tracks. Panterra is currently touring with the Sorry Papi Tour, an all-girl party playing venues nationwide. She previously supported DaniLeigh, another dancer-turned-singer, on her tour. 

Lexy Panterra is focused and tired of waiting for her big break. A natural performer, she has been ready for the big stage since she was young and putting on shows for her family and friends. Her album, released on September 1, 2023, is finally out for the world to hear, and Panterra wants the whole world to listen.

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