Singer-Songwriter Michael Q Trucks Talks Military Service and Aspirations as an Independent Artist

Music exists not only to serve as background noise to people’s most mundane of moments and as a soundtrack to their most memorable ones. For many artists, music is a medium they can use to express themselves, their beginnings, and the hopes they want to see come to fruition. Michael Q Trucks, a Michigan native who is making bold moves in the worlds of music and entertainment, is wielding the power of this age-old craft to share pieces of his light and dark experiences. Currently serving in the U.S. military, the songwriter and actor are aiming for the stars. 

Born and raised in The Great Lakes State, Michael has always had an affinity for music. His earliest memories include dancing and listening to songs by Otis Redding, Frankie Lymon, The Temptations, and Prince, the last of whom he continues to consider one of his greatest influences. So, it was no surprise that he would ultimately set his eyes on establishing a name in the music industry. 

Michael explored different interests in high school, joining the band Now or Never as a drummer and participating in dance competitions. At 14, the creative go-getter would start writing, singing, rapping, and creating his own tracks, with his very first recorded song done inside a closet. 

Years down the road, Michael is now pursuing his love for music by pouring his experiences – the good and the bad – into tracks that perfectly demonstrate his distinctive style and brand of artistry. Following his enlistment into the Navy in 2015, he began using music to tell stories from his travels around the world. Among various other themes, the singer-songwriter has touched on the importance of accepting whatever life has to offer and moving forward amid the odds. 

In the time since he first dipped his toes in the music scene, Michael has managed to distinguish himself from a plethora of artists, thanks to his exposure to different cultures and refusal to be boxed in within the walls of a single genre. 2018 witnessed the release of his first three singles as an independent artist, Q The Music. “Stay,” “Lost,” and “No Love” introduced the songwriter to listeners worldwide and showcased his potential and wide array of talents. 

In 2019, Michael then dropped an EP that included the standout track “Mine.” The following year, he expanded his discography by releasing “Empty,” “Enough,” and “Lust & Pain.” Soon afterward, he would impress listeners with the single “Pray for Me.”

Highly cognizant of the need for artists to always be on their toes and reinvent themselves in the face of the cut-throat nature of the music industry, Michael rebranded to “Michael Q Trucks” in April 2022. This move showed that he was more than ready to reach greater heights. 

In the years to come, Michael aims to carve a path toward the summit and prove that independent artists have a shot at success despite being at a disadvantage. He also hopes to shed light on a broad spectrum of human experiences through his songs. 

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