Sophie Pecora: Child Prodigy Bursting with Talent on the Global Music Scene

For someone who started writing music at the age of 9, it’s fair to say music has been Sophie Pecora’s whole life, and eight years later, as a seventeen-year-old singer and songwriter, she has become a sensation that her audience has grown to love.

Sophie Pecora offers a unique poetry-rap pop music style that she has perfected over the years. With more than a hundred songs to her name and her ability to play multiple instruments like the guitar, piano and drums, Sophie Pecora has placed herself up there as one of the most talented music artists in the world. She released her debut EP Raise the Bar at the end of 2020 to accolades and rave reviews from her fans. She also released her second EP, Wildflower, on August 18, 2021 which quickly gained over 2 million streams, with work ongoing on her third EP.

Sophie Pecora has shown prospects of stardom with her excellent performances at talent shows and various performances. She won the Golden Buzzer from Brad Paisley on America’s Got Talent Season 14 for her song “Misfits.” She also won first place in the Teen Category of the prestigious ISC International Songwriting Competition in 2019 with her song “7th Grade,” while her song “Together at Home” won second place in 2020 at the same competition. In addition, at the Unsigned Only competition, she made it to the finals in both the Teen and Screenshot categories with her song “Anxiety” and is awaiting the final results.

With more than 3 million followers on her social media platforms, Sophie Pecora wants nothing more than to have an army of followers who enjoy her music and appreciate her talents. Sophie hopes to connect more with people who enjoy and appreciate deep lyrical content and quality music. Her songs address everyday human struggles, and she uses lyrics that everyone can relate to. Sophie Pecora lists some of the world’s most iconic musicians like NF, Lauv, Alec, Benjamin, Eminem, Ed Sheeran, to name a few, as her musical influences, and she also draws inspiration from many other artists worldwide.

The motivation to build her career professionally came from the desire to explore all the opportunities that her talents could fetch her and the freedom that comes with expressing herself creatively. She sees herself releasing more albums over the next five years, touring around the world, and scoring notable and chart-topping collaborations.

“There’s so much to achieve, and we’re still at the beginning right now. I cannot wait to release more of my original songs, music videos and a refined merchandise line. I also have plans to go into film and maybe land myself a major role in a studio film or television,” she said.

As an artist and a person, Sophie Pecora is all about inspiring people, giving them hope, motivating them and letting them know that they’re not alone. Sophie has experienced many of the things her young audience goes through, and she reflects that through her soul-lifting melodies and lyrics that are relatable to all ages.Learn more about Sophie Pecora on the official website or follow her on Instagram.

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