Time Stands Still in Kevin Goodwin’s Emotive New Single, “Forevermore”
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Time Stands Still in Kevin Goodwin’s Emotive New Single, “Forevermore”

We’ve heard it said severally: time heals all wounds. It’s true. The passage of time can blur memories and dilute emotions, lessening the sting of wounds we never thought would ever heal. However, certain moments and feelings remain as vivid as the day they were formed. These fragments of our past refuse to be dimmed by the years, echoing through our lives with undiminished intensity. These timeless memories are the muse singer-songwriter Kevin Goodwin has turned to for his latest single, Forevermore.

Scheduled for release on November 10, 2023, Forevermore dives deep into the wellsprings of love and longing. Its lyrics, heavy with the weight of raw emotion, trace the contours of a love that once had, a love still yearned for. They tell a story of a lingering connection, one that time has failed to erase.

The song draws its strength not just from Goodwin’s poignant lyrics but also from the gentle piano that introduces it, gradually crescendoing into a fervent guitar-driven rock outro. Such musical choices lay bare the journey from soft reminiscence to passionate outcry—a journey many have taken in the silent chambers of their own hearts.

A Chapel Hill, North Carolina, native, Goodwin has always demonstrated a knack for crafting melodies that resonate. Inspired by rock legends like John Mayer, The Fray, and Counting Crows, he’s always gravitated toward 2000s pop rock. However, with Forevermore, he diverges slightly from the broad appeal of his previous songs. Unlike anything he’s created before, this track is drenched in personal nuance. As he himself has mentioned, while most of his songs aim to relate to a wider audience, this one was written with an audience of one in mind. The lyrics cut deep:

“I know it’s been years

 But it’s really good to hear your voice again

 Despite how things might appear

 I never wanted to forget

 The things we said

 I replay them in my head

 Yeah, I’ve got regrets

 But you were never one of them.”

These words, raw and unfiltered, serve as an open window into Goodwin’s heart. They reveal a vulnerability and longing that’s universally relatable yet uniquely personal. It’s as if Goodwin is baring his soul in each lyric, allowing listeners to not only hear but deeply feel the sincerity and depth of his emotions. “This song is very different from anything I’ve written before,” Goodwin explains. While every artist hopes his creation will become successful, his goal with this piece isn’t just about garnering views and likes on streaming platforms. 

Those who’ve followed Goodwin’s journey since his debut EP, This Is How It Starts, know he’s no stranger to success. Moments after dropping in February 2019, the EP quickly gained momentum, acquiring over 25,000 streams on Spotify within the month. His sophomore EP, Heart of the City surpassed that success, garnering over 250,000 streams on Spotify alone. The lead single from his latest EP, One Hell of a Night has 100k+ views on YouTube and is still climbing.

With Forevermore, there’s a deeper, more personal stake—a plea for reconnection, a hope that love might rekindle. It’s a song of heart and history, of looking back yet wanting to move forward. With every note and lyric, Kevin Goodwin challenges time, asserting that while many things fade, true emotions remain, forevermore.

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