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5 Most Streamed Joe Mesmar Tracks

Joe Mesmar is the living proof that hard work pays off in the long run. He’s the living proof that passion can change someone’s life if pursued correctly.

A decade ago, no one really knew who Joe Mesmar was, apart from fans of Canadian underground techno music. These days, he’s one of the most appreciated DJs in the world, and for some good reasons.

Over the past years, Joe Mesmar has gained international notoriety and has toured the world, especially Europe and America. He’s one of the most recognized names in the industry, often synonymous with underground techno music.

 Whether you’re familiar with his music or you’re ready to discover the current big thing in this genre, here are Joe Mesmar’s most appreciated tracks.


 Automatica is the remix that brought Joe Mesmar international appreciation. While already popular among underground techno fans, his name wasn’t associated with an international presence until his remix of Automatica went viral.

 The track also helped him sign his first major contract with Sony Music Entertainment. It’s an addictive release that will make you fall in love with underground techno, even if you’re not a fan. Plus, the track defines his style, as it brings in influences from most of his releases.

 Born to Be Free

 If you like the idea of being in a massive industrial hall, lit by nothing but some moving lights and surrounded by thousands of people dancing frenetically, Born to Be Free promises to give you that kind of experience.

 The track stands out and offers a unique vibration that most people will associate with chaos, beautiful musical chaos. It’s hard to describe this song in words, but chances are you’ll feel like clubbing straight away. It’s got a sublime power that can truly redefine the underground techno genre.

 Blood & Sand

 Imagine the music they’d put in a sci-fi movie, when the main character finally lands on a planet that can support life. That type of music that underlines a happy ending and makes you sigh peacefully with a smile on your face.

 Now, give that kind of music a techno rhythm and a vibe that makes you want to jump out of your seat and bounce in a club. It’s not the quick aggressive techno style, but the type that fulfills your heart and makes you crave for more.

 The title is self-explanatory, though and you’ll know exactly it’s the right description once you play the track.

 Don’t You Need Me

 If you’re familiar with Joe Mesmar’s music or underground techno in general, you probably already know there’s not too much voice in the genre. It’s a genre about art and one’s ability to mix in the right instruments to make music.

 Well, this track is a bit different and features an outstanding vocal mix.

 Radio Silence

 Enjoy more than eight minutes of pure love for techno. Forget about the name, this track will give you an immersive experience that no other track can. You’ll recognize Joe Mesmar’s style within seconds only.

 Bottom line, the list can definitely go longer, but these tracks are responsible for Joe Mesmar’s responsibility and reputation all over the world.​

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