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Uniting Music and Trends: Sound House Music’s Thematic Battles

The music industry is extremely difficult to break into. Being “discovered” and suddenly having your dreams come true only happens to a select few. Hard work, marketing, building an audience, and following trends are more important in the digital age, when artists can independently upload music to streaming services to find listeners. However, even that can be hard when the market is so oversaturated. That is where Sound House Music Comes in to revolutionize the music industry by giving artists a completely new way to get their music out there. 

Sound House Music was founded by Jessica Smythe to provide a platform where artists can break free from traditional constraints and achieve their full potential. Labels and record deals have been fading from importance over the past decade as streaming and social media have elevated thousands of indie artists to popularity. However, Sound House Music was formed to give artists a different platform, other than streaming and social media, to promote their music. Sound House Music offers a number of prizes and opportunities to ensure that artists get the support they truly deserve.

Cash prizes, career-boosting experiences, gig opportunities, and mentorship sessions with industry legends are just a few of the possibilities with Sound House Music. Providing this wide range of prizes and opportunities sets Sound House Music apart from its competitors, who offer limited rewards. The platform is gamified with a unique XP reward system that encourages users to engage by offering XP battles. This inclusive approach allows everyone to participate, regardless of whether they are on a pro membership or not. All contestants can win prizes and rewards like festival placements, video clip budgets, photoshoots, and more. 

One challenging aspect of starting a music career is ensuring your specific style has an audience. Sound House Music introduces themes inspired by social media trends that can help point you in the right direction. Socially relevant topics add a new dimension to the battles that Sound House Music hosts in addition to traditional genre-defined battles. There is something for every artist to take part in on Sound House Music.

The music battle platform anticipates major changes within the music industry over the next two to three years. It is already trending toward greater inclusivity with more focus on artists from diverse backgrounds and genres. The digital age has allowed artists to have more independence and creative freedom. Sound House Music aligns with all of these trends, valuing inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and empowering emerging artists. As audiences continue to look for fresh sounds and new artists, Sound House Music will thrive. 

As a music platform, Sound House Music’s main objective is to empower artists by providing opportunities for success, rewards, and inclusivity. The platform’s unique approach to the music industry redefines how music careers are nurtured. Instead of restrictive contracts and rapid deadlines, Sound House Music encourages creativity and diversity. The music industry is continuously evolving, and Sound House Music is at the forefront of the revolution.

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