Vivian Nicole Tesler Brings Back the Disco Revolution with Debut Single “Discomatic”

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Singer Vivian Nicole Tesler is set to ignite a disco revival with her highly anticipated debut single, “Discomatic.” Hailing from Canada and now residing in the heart of Los Angeles, Tesler is ready to transport audiences back in time to the electrifying era of disco with her soulful vocals and captivating performances.

Tesler’s journey as a performer began at a young age, and her talent quickly became evident. With a diverse range of skills and a passion for entertaining, she pursued her craft at two prestigious performing arts colleges in Toronto, Canada, honing her skills as a triple threat. “I have been on stage all my life,” recalls Tesler. “As a triple threat entertainer in singing, dancing, and acting, I knew my calling very early on in life,” she adds. Tesler’s dedication and talent earned her numerous awards and accolades as she competed globally, cementing her place in the world of entertainment.

Her debut single, “Discomatic” – to be released later this summer – pays homage to the disco genre, which emerged in the 1970s and left an indelible mark on music and culture. Tesler’s passion for the past and her desire to connect with contemporary audiences motivated her to embark on this musical journey. In a recent interview, she shared her thoughts on the significance of disco and her mission to reignite its spirit.

“I am often told, ‘YOU Vivian are not from this time.’ The past speaks to me culturally, socially, and artistically,” Tesler explains. “I am blessed to be able to connect to the world through the music I am about to release. I am incredibly excited for contemporary audiences to transport back in time, to a world where the electric sounds of the disco revolution were spinning vinyls on everyone’s record player.”

Disco music, characterized by its four-on-the-floor beats, syncopated basslines, and energetic instrumentation, has made a resurgence in recent years. Tesler believes that the genre’s timeless appeal and its ability to evoke cherished memories and stories are what make it relevant even today.

“So many people from past generations have wonderful memories tied to the music of disco. Whether it was sneaking out to see their first Earth, Wind & Fire concert or catching The Bee Gees making their triumphant debut on the Ed Sullivan show,” Tesler explains. “Everyone and anyone can recall where they were when we all watched John Travolta strut down the street in the opening of ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ Disco has always been a part of our lives. So I ask you, if we can recognize the stamp it has left on us, why are we not continuing the party?”

When asked about her musical approach and what sets her music apart from others, Tesler emphasizes her commitment to preserving the authenticity of the genre. Collaborating with world-renowned artist and producer Robert Berry, she aimed to capture the essence and energy of disco, both musically and lyrically.

“I am a purist, and I want to make music that impacts the listener in a way that transports them back in time,” Tesler states. “I stayed true to disco’s core, its pulse, and its heart and energy. The authentic sounds of ’70s disco music will be what intrigues the listener, not elements or samples that allude to sounds of the past.”

Tesler’s passion for disco extends beyond her own music. When asked about dream collaborations, she envisions working with legendary artists such as Gloria Gaynor, Bruno Mars, Nile Rodgers, Liza Minnelli, Cher, and many more. Her admiration for these icons demonstrates her desire to carry the torch of disco and collaborate with those who have shaped the genre.

Aspiring artists looking to follow in Tesler’s footsteps and make their mark in Hollywood can find inspiration in her advice. She encourages them to stay determined, resilient, and authentic while navigating the entertainment industry.

“Never take no for an answer. Where there is a will, there will always be a way,” Tesler advises. “Committing to making the move is commendable within itself. However, make sure to be set up with steady and reliable income and representation before making the move to Hollywood. Your story will unfold the way it is meant to, as well as how you allow it to. If you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you. You got this!”

Vivian Nicole Tesler’s debut single, “Discomatic”, which will then be followed by a full-length album in the near future, is set to take listeners on a nostalgic journey through the disco era. With her authentic approach and undeniable talent, Tesler aims to reignite the disco revolution and bring its magic to a new generation. Stay tuned for the release of “Discomatic” and get ready to dance to the electrifying beats of the past — Follow her on Instagram for the latest!

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