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From Michael Jackson to Post Malone: How Yngfraser Blends Classic and Contemporary Music Influences in His Unique Sound

Morgan Fraser, professionally known as Yngfraser, is a rising star in the music industry. The Australian artist has been making waves with his unique sound, which blends R&B and hip-hop with elements of pop, showcasing his versatility and musicality. His passion for music started at an early age and has been influenced by some of the greatest names in the industry.

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Yngfraser was first introduced to the world of music by his parents. Growing up, his father would play classic soul and R&B tracks from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Otis Redding, while his mother exposed him to pop icons such as Michael Jackson and Madonna. It was his early fascination with Michael Jackson that sparked his desire to become a recording artist, leading him to explore the world of music and performance art.

As he grew older, Yngfraser became more intrigued by the works of contemporary artists such as Justin Bieber, Drake, and Post Malone. These influences can be heard in his music, as he blends classic soul and R&B with contemporary hip-hop to create a unique sound that resonates with his fans.

Yngfraser started his journey as an artist by experimenting with songwriting and recording his own music. After keeping his passion for music to himself for years, he emerged into the music world by posting his covers of well-known R&B and hip-hop tracks on social media. In 2017, Yngfraser’s cover of DJ Khaled’s ‘I’m the One’, on which he wrote and performed his own original verse, went viral on SoundCloud, and currently sits at 1.7 million plays.

Building on this success, Yngfraser began writing and recording his original music, developing his unique style and sound. The album showcased his vocal abilities and lyrical depth, and demonstrated his prowess as a songwriter culminating in the release of his debut album ‘When The Time Comes’ in November 2022. The album has already received critical acclaim, and tracks like ‘Too Soon’ and ‘Dnd’ have garnered millions of streams on various platforms.

One of the things that make Yngfraser stand out as an artist is his ability to blend R&B vocals with melodic hip-hop beats, which creates a unique sound that has resonated with fans all over the world. His music explores themes of romance, lust, and heartbreak, as well as the pressure and sadness that come with high expectations and selfish ambition.

As he continues to grow and evolve as an artist, Yngfraser is poised to become one of the biggest names in the music industry. With his unique sound and ability to connect with audiences, he is quickly making a name for himself in the highly competitive world of music. It is no surprise that his music is gaining traction and winning over new fans with each release, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

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