Zero To Nightmare: A Special Halloween Release

Zero To Nightmare: A Special Halloween Release
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Are you ready for your new favorite song this spooky season? Check out “Anything For..” by Zero To Nightmare, a special Halloween Weekend release now streaming on all platforms.

Erlend Skaar, the visionary behind the band Zero To Nightmare, has had quite a musical journey, from his early years in Norway to his current position at the creative helm of a Rock band in the United States.

Born in the bustling city of Oslo and raised in the small town of Kongsberg, Erlend was immersed in the rich musical heritage of Norway from a young age. His mom, playing classical renditions by James Last, left an indelible impact on young Erlend. The constant exposure to awe-inspiring melodies triggered a profound interest in music within him.

From singing in a church choir, which recorded a vinyl album at the York Minster Cathedral in Wales, taking organ and drum lessons, and learning to strum chords on a guitar at the age of 14, Erlend has always had a knack for creating and performing original music. His passion was further nurtured during his Music Major stint in college. 

Erlend has performed as both a bass and guitar player, with a few bands playing several venues in and around Atlanta and Birmingham, including City Stages. One of the bands he was in recorded an EP Produced by Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia, Seether). He eventually moved on, wanting to do his own thing, but then life happened. It took him on a more corporate path, leading to a stable position in the tech industry. He always felt unfulfilled, though, and the yearning to live his musical dreams continued to echo within him. This persistent longing led to an epiphany during a leadership class that music was what truly ignited his fires of creativity and fulfillment.

Determined to ensure he would live without regrets, Erlend undertook vocal lessons under the tutelage of Draven Grey, an excellent coach based out of Colorado. Draven proved instrumental in helping Erlend actualize his dreams, and these experiences reignited his passion and confidence in music.

Erlend’s musical offerings are a harmonious blend of his myriad influences, from heavier rock bands like Metallica and Bring Me The Horizon, the industrial sound of Nine Inch Nails, and the layered melodic music of My Chemical Romance and Smashing Pumpkins, to the symphonies of his childhood, such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. True to his eclectic musical palate, Erlend refuses to be caged into a singular genre. Today, he feels more comfortable expressing his softer side through his music, leading to a wide scope for his musical evolution.

His latest single, “Anything For…,” provides a tantalizing sneak peek into his creative capabilities. Released under his stage name ‘Zero to Nightmare,’ the single showcases his love for heavy riffs while resonating with his early classical influences. Brimming with spooky vibes and hard-hitting beats perfect for Halloween, the mastery of Thistle Dew Productions and Iliki Studios seamlessly turn Erlend’s vision into reality.

Amidst managing his technology-based job and churning out captivating music, Erlend envisages a future where he can bring more focus to his creative side. As his music continues gaining momentum, he looks forward to exploring more exciting turns in his creative journey and hopes his audience will join him on this ride.

As Erlend puts it, “Music is magical. You start off with nothingness, and then before you know it, something entirely unique exists where nothing did before. And you think to yourself, I did that! Something about the process is so organic sometimes, you get something way different than what you started out to create. It’s always exciting, and there’s nothing more fulfilling.”

Experience this magic by connecting with Erlend on social media and, where you can also stay updated with the latest happenings or add his newly released single, “Anything For…,” to your playlist and join him in his exciting musical journey. With Erlend Skaar, one thing is certain – the journey from zero to nightmare is bound to be as captivating as the final destination.


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