Amanda Marie Wilkinson Shares Her Remarkable Success Story, Reclaiming Her Life and Her Passions in the Face of Trials and Tribulations

Amanda Marie Wilkinson is a woman who has passionately dipped her toes into multiple ventures. Through the years, she has succeeded on all fronts coming out into the world as an empowered woman who wears many hats in many industries. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she has lived her life rooted in the creative arts and extending her branches of television and modeling to share her voice and her story through songwriting. 

Amanda has never limited herself in any shape or form, connecting with people not just from a social media perspective but through a strong platform of Unity with Community. Amanda Marie Wilkinson is a graduate nurse and a businesswoman first and foremost, working her way up into society through hard work, passion, and dedication alone.

Growing up, Amanda didn’t have the cushy lifestyle that some of the most successful entrepreneurs seem to have. She was not born into a life of privilege, so she learned that life alone is the largest privilege most of us have. She had to learn this the hard way when she got into a freak accident that almost cost Amanda her life in 2007. 

Miraculously, she was healed from all her injuries which ran all the way from her back, femur, hips, and pelvis. She was physically crushed, but she never let it hinder her growth. She expresses much of her gratitude to the community that helped her recover along the way. Amanda Marie Wilkinson expresses that her community’s support was the largest contributing factor to her optimal healing. 

“I wouldn’t be in the position I am in if it weren’t for Unity with Community,” said Amanda. “This is the platform I created and promised myself to always give back to help support others where I can because I genuinely understand how a crisis of any sort can be crippling to anyone’s life, goals, dreams, and livelihood,” she added.

All her personal struggles and challenges strengthened her to become the empowered woman she is today. “I know that if I never forget my stories, I will continue to grow and inspire others too,” she explained. Amanda Marie Wilkinson is taking things day by day. In the foreseeable future, she envisions herself simply continuing to live passionately. 

“Every day is a day for growth, so as long as I never stop learning, in five years, I can’t imagine where I can be, but I will always look forward to where I will be,” eloquently exclaimed Amanda. She hopes that her story will ignite a flame of passion within everyone. She hopes to connect with other people through her experiences and her remarkable story. “When you experience true peace and happiness, that road doesn’t end. Just keep going and go around the potholes and bumps that might try to hinder your journey.”

To know more about the amazing Amanda Marie Wilkinson, make sure to check out her official website.

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