An Inside Look Into Rapper Ohmy’s Incredible Journey

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With the advent of digitalization, the music industry witnessed a wave of fresh talents emerging onto the scene. While this represented freedom from music labels, it has spurred steep competition for them to stand out. From the heart of Liverpool, Western Sydney, Australia, Ohmy is a rising star grabbing the limelight for his unapologetic approach to music. Born in 1995, the young rapper and producer is carving a niche in the industry. His recent single, “The Statement”, reflects his unique style and blazing music that sets him apart. 

Ohmy was born to Brazilian immigrant parents who moved to Australia in 1989. He grew up watching his parents work hard to make ends meet. This instilled in him the passion for hard work, which eventually shaped his career as an authentic artist.  Though raised in the traditional ways of gratitude and hard work, he found himself straddling two worlds, one being humble to his roots and another growing big by relentlessly chasing his passion. 

Ohmy’s musical journey began long before he became a household name. For six years, he was a multi-hyphenate force in the music industry. He dons several hats as an artist, showcasing his versatility. He is a brand in himself, working as a mixer, producer, songwriter, performer, business owner, editor, and marketing agent. Inspired by his real-life experiences, people he met, and stories he heard, Ohmy started expressing himself through his music. He has a raw approach to his craft but takes calculated steps. Through his music, he aspires to move mountains and weave timeless tales. 

Vulnerability and healing form the foundation of Ohmy’s music. When life took a harsh turn, music became his refuge. Writing lyrics was therapy, a way to vent his thoughts and feelings. He soon realized that what he was creating resonated with others who might be facing similar struggles in life. It was this deep connection with his art that motivated him to create music. 

Hailing from a humble background, Ohmy faced his share of challenges as an artist. Making his mark in the glitzy realm of music was not easy as he initially faced criticism that became a formidable obstacle. He followed a simple yet effective strategy to preserve his energy and channel it into his craft. Unafraid to grind to support his musical dreams, Ohmy overcame other challenges like financial crunch, lack of resources, and guidance. He drove trucks in the morning and made music in the evening just to keep his dreams alive. His hard work paid off in this form of music that struck a chord with millions. 

Unlike other artists, Ohmy is unafraid to speak the truth, and sheds light on subjects like love, hate, politics, individual freedom, and the power to unify. His lyrics are a window to his soul. His recent single, “The Statement,” marked a pivotal moment in his career, showcasing his artistry with music. 

Ohmy bares his emotions in every of “The Statement”. The vibe of the song is complemented by his soul-stirring music. “The Statement ” is not just a musical track but a powerful message speaking about certain aspects of life often left unspoken. It’s a must-listen for those who not only love great music but also lyrics provoking thoughts and inspire resilience. The song is available for streaming on Spotify. 

As Ohmy continues his journey, he plans to enter the global music platform to become a business mogul utilizing his craft. With his unapologetically raw and authentic approach to music, he has already made his place in the industry and is striding forward, honing his craft to amplify his presence among audiences.


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