Rapper DLR VBS Music Helps Non-Native English Speakers Learn the Language

Mastering a new language is often seen as a task steeped in intricacies and formidable challenges. However, American rapper DLR VBS introduces a fun and engaging approach to this seemingly complex affair with his new album, “Manifest Destiny.” Designed to aid non-native English speakers in improving their language skills, the album leverages the rhythmic character of hip-hop music to make language learning a relishable experience. 

“Manifest Destiny” features nine inventive tracks that use hip-hop as a tool to teach basic English vocabulary and grammar. Each of these tracks focuses on a different aspect of money and women. Unique in their delivery style, these songs underscore pronunciation while the attractive hooks and rhymes, which are an indispensable part of hip-hop, augment the recall value of the language. 

DLR VBS, the brilliant mind behind this innovative project, emphasizes music’s strong connection with listeners. He points out that hip-hop, with its repetitive and rhythmic nature, serves as an excellent medium for language learning. His vision and dedication are clearly reflected in his statement, “Music has a unique ability to connect with people on a deep level, and we wanted to harness that power to help non-native English speakers learn the language.”

In a remarkably short span of time, “Manifest Destiny” has captured the attention of English as a Second Language (ESL) students and teachers across the globe. Its unconventional, musically immersive teaching approach offers a breath of fresh air in the often monotonous realm of language learning. DLR VBS expressed his anticipation for the project’s positive reception, saying, “They love the music and lyrics, and I’m sure that they will see a significant improvement in their fluency and confidence when speaking English.”

To further bolster the learning process, written lyrics for each track are made available on the artist’s official website, DLRVBS.com, or other lyric resources like Genius.com. Reading along with the songs allows learners to reinforce the language being taught in each track. 

The album resonates with DLR VBS’s unique style and approach to language learning. Thoughtfully engineered, the vocals of the album are slightly more pronounced, keeping in mind the global audience that consists of non-native English speakers. 

DLR VBS remains hopeful that “Manifest Destiny” will serve as an effective tool in breaking down language barriers. He believes that music, as a universal language, can transcend cultural and linguistic backgrounds and unify people. His hopes for the new album echo this belief. “With Manifest Destiny, I hope to use hip-hop music as a tool to break down language barriers and help non-native speakers achieve their goals,” he declares. 

The eclectic rhythm of hip-hop and the universal appeal of music converge in the form of DLR VBS’s “Manifest Destiny.” Available now on all major streaming platforms, this album is poised to revolutionize traditional methods of language learning and make the process more enjoyable for non-native English speakers. 

Follow DLR VBS’s journey into language learning through music on his Website: DLRVBS.com, YouTube: @DLRVBS, Instagram: @DLRVBS, and Facebook: @DLRVBS.

The power of music extends beyond entertainment. As proven by the innovative approach of “Manifest Destiny,” it can serve as a universal language, a bridge connecting different cultures, and a powerful tool capable of making language learning an enjoyable journey. So, let the music play and allow it to guide you on a path toward English fluency with DLR VBS’s rhythmic tunes.

An Inside Look Into Rapper Ohmy’s Incredible Journey

With the advent of digitalization, the music industry witnessed a wave of fresh talents emerging onto the scene. While this represented freedom from music labels, it has spurred steep competition for them to stand out. From the heart of Liverpool, Western Sydney, Australia, Ohmy is a rising star grabbing the limelight for his unapologetic approach to music. Born in 1995, the young rapper and producer is carving a niche in the industry. His recent single, “The Statement”, reflects his unique style and blazing music that sets him apart. 

Ohmy was born to Brazilian immigrant parents who moved to Australia in 1989. He grew up watching his parents work hard to make ends meet. This instilled in him the passion for hard work, which eventually shaped his career as an authentic artist.  Though raised in the traditional ways of gratitude and hard work, he found himself straddling two worlds, one being humble to his roots and another growing big by relentlessly chasing his passion. 

Ohmy’s musical journey began long before he became a household name. For six years, he was a multi-hyphenate force in the music industry. He dons several hats as an artist, showcasing his versatility. He is a brand in himself, working as a mixer, producer, songwriter, performer, business owner, editor, and marketing agent. Inspired by his real-life experiences, people he met, and stories he heard, Ohmy started expressing himself through his music. He has a raw approach to his craft but takes calculated steps. Through his music, he aspires to move mountains and weave timeless tales. 

Vulnerability and healing form the foundation of Ohmy’s music. When life took a harsh turn, music became his refuge. Writing lyrics was therapy, a way to vent his thoughts and feelings. He soon realized that what he was creating resonated with others who might be facing similar struggles in life. It was this deep connection with his art that motivated him to create music. 

Hailing from a humble background, Ohmy faced his share of challenges as an artist. Making his mark in the glitzy realm of music was not easy as he initially faced criticism that became a formidable obstacle. He followed a simple yet effective strategy to preserve his energy and channel it into his craft. Unafraid to grind to support his musical dreams, Ohmy overcame other challenges like financial crunch, lack of resources, and guidance. He drove trucks in the morning and made music in the evening just to keep his dreams alive. His hard work paid off in this form of music that struck a chord with millions. 

Unlike other artists, Ohmy is unafraid to speak the truth, and sheds light on subjects like love, hate, politics, individual freedom, and the power to unify. His lyrics are a window to his soul. His recent single, “The Statement,” marked a pivotal moment in his career, showcasing his artistry with music. 

Ohmy bares his emotions in every of “The Statement”. The vibe of the song is complemented by his soul-stirring music. “The Statement ” is not just a musical track but a powerful message speaking about certain aspects of life often left unspoken. It’s a must-listen for those who not only love great music but also lyrics provoking thoughts and inspire resilience. The song is available for streaming on Spotify. 

As Ohmy continues his journey, he plans to enter the global music platform to become a business mogul utilizing his craft. With his unapologetically raw and authentic approach to music, he has already made his place in the industry and is striding forward, honing his craft to amplify his presence among audiences.


The Rise Of Rapper Joseph Morales, A.K.A Kakazi

These days everyone is familiar with rap music, which is an emerging branch of hip-hop that has dominated the music industry for the past couple of years. While many people still find it challenging to understand rap music, its fan following has increased rapidly. This genre emerged in the early 1970s at block parties in New York City. Since then, we have seen rap artists like Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dog, and many more take the music industry by storm. In fact, they have proved their mettle and shown how versatile rap music is. And one thing is sure that many young and upcoming rappers are all set to carve a niche for themselves in this cutthroat industry. One name that has already started making waves is Joseph Morales, a.k.a Kakazi.

Joseph Rey Morales is a young American rapper with immense talent and incredible songwriting skills. According to Kakazi, he always felt inspired by music, especially rap. Coming from a musical background – his cousin being part of a Spanish rock band and his brother known as ‘Richie the Rhymer’ out of Houston, Texas – music was something that came naturally to him. “I never had any formal training for music and didn’t start rapping until I was 16 years old. For me, rapping was truly an inspiration and a dream,” Kakazi stated. He further went on to explain, “I saw it as a heartfelt conversation between the artist and his fans. This genre allows the rapper to share their life experiences, motivations, and regrets in the verses of their tracks, and that is so beautiful. Understanding the depth of rap made me fall in love with it even more, and I decided to pursue it professionally.”

It is no secret that many artists go for unique stage names that become synonymous with their success. Just like Eminem’s real name is Marshall Mathers, and Snoop Dog is an alias for Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, Joseph Morales knew he needed a stage name that would make him stand out from the rest. Initially, he adopted Kawasaki, but because a famous Japanese bike company already uses this name, it was taking the spotlight off of Joseph. “Ironically, I was playing with a toy piano that was branded ‘Kawasaki,’ and I liked how it sounded, but when I chose it to be my stage name, people always referred to me as the motorcycle,” Kakazi revealed. “I was not too fond of the fact that it reminded people of something other than myself. I was searching for another name, and once, I was freestyle rapping, and accidentally ‘Kakazi’ came out. I immediately stopped flowing and didn’t think twice about that being my permanent stage name,” he added.

Many new and aspiring artists look up to their idols as a motivation and inspiration for their art. They follow them and dream of being just like them. For Joseph Morales, one artist that truly inspired him, especially when it came to rap, was none other than Eminem. Talking about his idol, Kakazi shared, “Eminem is the rap god. I have always admired his versatility throughout the years. Like many, he, too, came from nothing and climbed to the top. Being raised in the slums of Detroit, he managed to showcase excellence throughout his career.” He continued, “From winning Oscars for his track ‘Lose Yourself’ to creating a jaw-dropping song, ‘Rap God’, where he shows off his incredible vocal skills. He showed me how we could have success through lyricism. His lyrics were always heartfelt, emotional and truly motivating. And that’s exactly what I want to achieve in my career.”

As for the problems that he comes across as an emerging rap artist, Joseph Morales stated, “Finance is a big challenge for young artists/musicians. Even though the internet has helped us get recognized anywhere in the world, it has also brought massive competition in the industry. There was a time when America was the king of Rap, and while this is still true, other countries have shown some good potential, making it even tougher to showcase our talent to the world.” Kakazi is of the view that young artists like himself need financial freedom to be fully creative with their work and that they require brand endorsements and sponsorship to survive in the ever-so-competitive music industry. 

A passionate and hardworking soul, who is always determined to meet the high goals he set for himself, Kakazi is undoubtedly an inspiration for young talent who want to achieve success. In fact, his efforts and dedication clearly show that he is on his way to becoming the next big thing in the world of rap!

Joe Perk on Releasing New Single and Giving Back to the Community

New York City is a hub of culture and creativity. As a result, this city has provided the backdrop for many artists’ origin stories. Brooklyn native Joe Perk is one of the newest artists inspired by his hometown, bringing fantastic hip hop, pop, and R&B songs to his avid fans. He is set to release his next single, “Summer Walker,” later this month.

Joe Perk, born Joseph Perkins, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His environment and the people around him shaped the person and the artist he became. “Growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn helped me navigate difficult waters,” he explained, “And being a New Yorker helped me hold my own as I swam alongside the big sharks in the game.” Even when he was a child, Joe pictured himself becoming a rapper and entertainer when he grew up. And while he cultivated his passion for music and performing, things did not go exactly as planned. 

With his parents struggling to provide for their family, Joe Perk decided to take on two jobs at two different fast food establishments to help his parents make ends meet. Then in 2012, Joe joined the military. But even as his music took a backseat, he still found the time to express his creativity. While serving in the military, Joe built a name for himself as a rapper of great skill. His talent landed him a gig opening for the artist A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Joe has also opened for other artists such as MIGOS, Blac Youngsta, and Lil Uzi Vert.

On November 21, Joe Perk will release his next single titled, “Summer Walker.” Since it has been a year since Joe released any new music, he and his fans are excited about this upcoming track. The artist shared, “This song is pretty special to me. And I am also releasing the single on my mom’s birthday as kind of a tribute to her.”

Presenting a fresh hip hop and R&B sound, Joe Perk has enthralled listeners with his music. “People say they love the vibe in my songs. They have often told me how my music encourages them to live life to the fullest and do the things they love,” Joe explained, “And I am glad they feel that way. Because I want to inspire and teach kids how to achieve financial freedom through doing something they love.” 

Music is not the only thing keeping Joe Perk busy. Later this month, he is spearheading a turkey drive. He said, “On November 24, I will be giving away 100 turkeys to the community of Greenville, North Carolina.” He is also currently conducting a toy drive in collaboration with Unjaded Hearts. With this initiative, they aim to give toys to children for Christmas. 

On the motivation behind his charitable work, Joe Perk explained, “I remember when my parents couldn’t give my siblings and me the things we wanted. There was also a time when I lived in my car. I have experienced having nothing, and now that I am in a better place in life, I want to share some of the blessings I received.” The artist shared that he works hard at his music so he can keep growing and keep giving back to his community. 

Like any new musician, Joe Perk dreams of making it big and getting into major awards shows. Aside from revitalizing the R&B and hip hop scene, Joe wants to be in a position to help other artists develop their careers. “In the future, I see myself expanding into the executive side of things. I want to elevate artists and give them the best opportunities to grow.” 

A dedicated artist and a generous member of his community, Joe Perk hopes to inspire young people to pursue their passions. “Whatever difficulties they may be going through, I want them to know that it is just part of life. It will all be worth it in the end.”

Joe Perk is a rapper and R&B singer. His newest single, “Summer Walker,” will be out on November 21. For more updates about his music and charitable endeavors, you may visit this website.

Clas A. Poet Repositioning Rap Music and Entertainment through the ‘RAP’ Society

Crishawn Washington, known professionally as a Clas A. Poet or Clas A., is a music artist, rapper and creative whose romance with music and entertainment began from a very young age. As a child, Clas A. Poet moved a lot, and to an extent, these constant changes in environment played a huge role in his development and artistry. Originally born in Houston, Texas, he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, at three and moved back to Houston when he was 10. Being the only child of his mother until he was 15, he was raised on many old school stuff and TV shows such as ‘In Living Color’ and ‘I Love Lucy.’ And as a child, he has always been musically inclined. 

As far as music goes, Clas A. Poet and his mother would spend several hours listening to the Temptations; he was a big Michael Jackson fan growing up and had all his albums, including The Jackson 5 album. Clas A. Poet recalled himself dancing in his mother’s living room while she played Usher. Because he was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness, meaning that rap music was considered “worldly music” for a long time. And after several years of being considered the class clown, he began to recoil from his shell, having realized that most of his beliefs have isolated him entirely from others. 

Clas A. Poet represents versatility and quality education, and through his music, you could tell that he embodies those qualities. He tries to have as much fun as possible in his music, and despite the numerous times, he felt discouraged and the urge to give up because he doesn’t have what it takes or being hated on because he doesn’t conform to the norms. He continues to thrive regardless and uses these negatives as a propeller. 

And while he admits that there seems to be a spiritual war going on in the black community (involving rap, hip hop as a weapon to combat oppression and injustice), he points out that the hip hop culture has evolved drastically over the years. Corporations have made it too materialistic. The youth have lost sight of its roots—the characteristics of the ones before them they don’t have. Clas A. Poet is the founder of RAP Society, which is an acronym for ‘Respected As Poets,’ a movement he started not just to show his imperfection but also to show the next generation of creatives that instead of dwelling on parties and notoriety, they can unite people who want to hear real music. “I’m not claiming to be woke, but I do seek insight. We’ve compromised our values, and I want them back. I’m tired of seeing young black men emasculate themselves on TV and social media for a “bag.” We can be “gangsta” but educated. We can hustle with integrity.” He summed up. 

On where he sees himself in five years, he said, “I see myself successful and self-made. If not rich, well off. I see my two daughters who look up to me and see an example of how to never give up on what you believe in, regardless of what they say. Because I never gave up on them. I just cut my losses and counted my blessings. As a parent, I see myself being the greatest source of my children’s confidence and self-esteem. As a rapper, I see record labels, I see revenue, and most importantly, I see revolution before revelation.”

Clas A. Poet continues to strive and create meaningful art and hopes to convince his audience that Hip-hop is far from dead, only that the radio refuses to give the genre the airplay it deserves. “I’m not here to portray a “Spin-Doctor” or conspiracy theorist. I’m here to demand a chance to be heard and be a voice for my community, family, and culture. It’s cool to be yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are, not just to get recognition. Love yourself, know your worth, and kill all distractions.” He concludes.

Follow Clas A. Poet on Instagram to learn more about his craft and movement.